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We are grateful to you for taking time to have a look at our review. Prior to sharing a lot of details about our experience, we will start by listing the steps we followed to make sure that we give a fair, precise and comprehensive review.

  • Online research of the Projects deal: we researched the company on the internet by reading its past customer reviews and getting information about it from consumer sites. The majority of the reviews that we found were positive and the complaints that had been raised were insignificant and the company had resolved them swiftly.
  • Website exploration: we took the time to go through the website looking for interesting or helpful content and read policy pages. Besides, we tested the navigation ease of the website, among other aspects. Furthermore, we went through the testimonials and compared them to offsite commentary.
  • Onsite and offsite customer feedback: The feedbacks of customers within and outside the website seem consistent. As such, we concluded that the affirmative testimonials were truthful.
  • Order placement: we placed a writing service order and when we received the requested paper, we assessed its quality. Also, we checked if the writer adhered to our instructions.

The comprehensive details of our review are here below.

Products And Services Offered

Project Deal offers an array of services including academic writing, resume and curriculum vitae writing, editing, proofreading, and copywriting. The order we placed was for a college sophomore’s academic essay.

The Actual Proof: Writer’s Experience and Product Quality

We rate the writing quality highly. According to the information on the website, all of their writers are experienced and have advanced academic degrees. We are firmly convinced that the assertion is true. Our essay was error-free and delivered on time. Besides, it was at the right academic level and the writer used great resources and demonstrated in-depth knowledge about the subject matter. The writer was polite and kept us on the loop about the progress of the project.

How about The Money?

Prices, Discounts and Payment Methods

Projectsdeal are very fair in their pricing. The price of a college freshman’s essay is less than $15 per page. This is within the norms of the industry. we managed to a coupon code to save even more. Besides, there are other savings and promo codes listed on the discount page.

We paid for our order through PayPal, a payment process that we found to be a breeze and risk-free. However, there are other payment options to choose from, such as debit and credit card payments as well as wire transfer.


We were delighted to realize that projectsdeal has numerous resources where a person can find help. To start with, their customer support agents are not only available online but also over the phone. We communicated with them severally and got the needed answers swiftly. Furthermore, the website has blog posts, a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page, writers’ information, and much more.

What’s Beautiful About them? Any Ugly side?

Our ultimate conclusion corresponds to that of many other review. We were pretty delighted with the experience we had with the company in every step. It’s clear that the company has developed a good reputation. Besides pricing their products reasonably, they also offer discount and this makes them even more attractive. We found their writers and customer service agents extremely knowledgeable and good to interact with. it was easy to navigate the website which was also mobile-friendly. Better still, the site had a lot of informative content.

Obviously, the most essential aspect is the quality of the products. The essay they provided us with was fully satisfactory and didn’t need any revision. Considering all the factors highlighted in this review, we strongly recommend projects deal, it is legit service provider to students for any writing need.


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The comparative essay in English literature, which they did, gathered a quite nice amount of positive reviews from my college professors who were reading them. I was named one of the ten promising students of our graduation year. And all with a thank-you to Projectsdeal. It`s wonderful to know there are services that can and will help you.

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Reviewed The best service for academic writing. My essay is superior from every side - thanking from me would never stop!)

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Ana Lewise


Excellent support staff. Amazing quality of work. From all services I have worked with Projectsdeal is best dissertation writing service in UK, they offered Guaranteed Distinction & kept their promise. Extremely happy!

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Endora Watson

Reviewed is the best dissertation writing service out there. I placed an order online and got a call from them immediately. They gave me a dedicated manager and I am very happy with the work and service. As a student, you need to make sure you’re spending your hard earned money with the best service possible. I recommend Happy to read this reviews before ordering.