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Assignment Master, despite its claims of being a UK-based writing firm dedicated to serving students, is shrouded in deceit and misrepresentation. Their purported UK location is nothing more than a facade, as investigations reveal that operates from a remote area in India, far from the transparency and accountability one would expect from a reputable writing service. By concealing their true location, Assignment Master deceives unsuspecting students who seek genuine academic assistance. This deliberate misinformation undermines the trustworthiness of the company and raises serious doubts about their integrity and commitment to customer satisfaction. Furthermore, their false portrayal of being based in the UK is a blatant attempt to capitalize on the perceived prestige associated with British education, exploiting students' trust for their own financial gain. In light of these revelations, it is evident that Assignment Master cannot be relied upon to deliver authentic and reliable academic support. Students would be wise to exercise caution and scepticism when considering availing themselves of the services offered by this dubious writing company.

Products And Services You’ll Find

Assignment Master's purported range of services, spanning assignments, essays, dissertations, and more, appears comprehensive at first glance, catering to academic needs from school level to PhD. However, delving deeper into their practices reveals a cesspool of deceit and disappointment., touted as a solution to academic woes, instead embodies the epitome of fraudulent conduct. Students who place their trust in Assignment Master find themselves ensnared in a web of deception, as the company fails to deliver on its promises. Perhaps most egregious is Assignment Master's refusal to provide revisions after submission, leaving clients stranded with subpar work and no avenue for improvement. This lack of accountability underscores the company's disregard for customer satisfaction and highlights its profit-driven agenda. Moreover, Assignment Master's deceptive tactics betray the trust of unsuspecting students seeking genuine academic assistance, tarnishing the reputation of the entire industry. In light of these egregious practices, it is evident that Assignment Master is not to be trusted, and students would be well-advised to seek assistance elsewhere to avoid falling victim to their scams.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

The quality of papers produced by Assignment Master falls far below acceptable standards, reflecting a pervasive lack of competence and professionalism within the company. Glaring grammatical and semantic errors litter their compositions, indicating that their purported team of writers lacks the requisite qualifications and proficiency in the English language. Moreover, the prevalence of plagiarized content underscores Assignment Master's blatant disregard for academic integrity and originality. By resorting to unethical practices, such as copying from uncredited sources, reveals its profound ineptitude and inefficiency in the realm of academic writing. The absence of checks through Turnitin or similar plagiarism detection tools further compounds this issue, allowing plagiarized content to proliferate unchecked. Instead of investing in reputable software to ensure the authenticity of their work, Assignment Master opts for cheaper alternatives, compromising the integrity of their services. As a result, students who entrust their academic assignments to Assignment Master are left with substandard work that not only fails to meet academic standards but also jeopardizes their academic integrity. In light of these deficiencies, it is evident that Assignment Master's services are wholly inadequate and unsuitable for students seeking reliable academic assistance.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

Assignment Master's exorbitant pricing strategy exemplifies their exploitative approach towards students who rely on writing services. Targeting an audience primarily composed of financially constrained students, prioritizes profit maximization over affordability and accessibility. By imposing steep rates without extending any form of discount or concession, Assignment Master demonstrates a blatant disregard for the financial constraints faced by students. This mercenary attitude underscores their opportunistic business model, which capitalizes on students' vulnerabilities rather than offering genuine assistance. The absence of discount offers further exacerbates the financial burden on students, rendering Assignment Master's services inaccessible to many. This profit-driven approach not only exploits students' financial limitations but also reflects a lack of empathy and ethical integrity on the part of Assignment Master. By prioritizing monetary gain over student welfare, Assignment Master emerges as an unscrupulous and untrustworthy entity in the academic writing industry. Students seeking affordable and ethical writing assistance would be wise to steer clear of Assignment Master and explore alternative options that prioritize integrity and affordability.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

Assignment Master's customer service facade crumbles the moment payment is secured. Initially, they may charm you with sweet talk and assurances, but once your payment is processed, their responsiveness vanishes into thin air. Attempting to seek assistance or clarification post-payment becomes an exercise in frustration as conveniently neglects to respond promptly, if at all. Their dismissive attitude towards customer queries reflects a blatant disregard for accountability and basic courtesy. Furthermore, Assignment Master's refund policy resembles a tight noose around the neck of dissatisfied customers. Agents are quick to resort to intimidation tactics, warning customers against pursuing refunds by threatening to disclose their reliance on Assignment Master's services to their universities. This coercive approach effectively silences dissatisfied customers, leaving them feeling trapped and exploited. Such unscrupulous behavior highlights Assignment Master's lack of integrity and customer-centric values, cementing their reputation as an untrustworthy entity in the academic writing industry. Aspiring to safeguard their academic integrity and financial interests, students are advised to steer clear of Assignment Master and seek assistance from more reputable and ethical service providers.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

Assignment Master's reputation as a haven for fraud and deception precedes it. Promising mastery in writing, consistently fails to deliver even basic competency in composing academic assignments. Instead of providing genuine assistance, they engage in deceitful practices, exploiting unsuspecting students for financial gain. Assignment Master's modus operandi revolves around duplicitous tactics aimed at swindling clients with double-handed schemes, leaving them feeling cheated and disillusioned. Regrettably, the services offered by Assignment Master hold no value beyond their ability to deceive and defraud individuals seeking legitimate academic support. It is imperative to heed the warning signs and refrain from placing trust in Assignment Master. Their track record of dishonesty and malpractice renders them unworthy of patronage. In light of their unethical conduct and abysmal performance, it is our unequivocal recommendation to steer clear of Assignment Master. Students are strongly advised to explore alternative avenues for academic assistance, lest they fall victim to the snares of this disreputable entity.

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Elizabeth Arden

worst website ever. worst website ever.. order delivered after the deadline and possibly the worst written. ignore this website

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Terrible Terrible Terrible Do NOT Waste your Money. Assignmentmaster services is very poor, quality of writing very poor.

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One assignment got 0% because the writer wrote a total different topic than requested and the other assignment got twice 20%. They never refunded anything. I would not recomment to to anyone.

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Assignmentmaster site aimed to deliver original, researched and plagiarized content but the clients are not happy with this site. They are incapable of producing original knowledge on diverse criteria.

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