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British essay service is claimed to be designed for delivering organized and best quality services for your educational writings needs. But this is false. They do not function per their described claims and promises. This review is all about their feature.

Products And Services You’ll Find

They are cheaters. Their services are plagiarized. Piracy is their favorite hobby. They also send you plagiarism report along with an order to make you fool, but still, their work is plagiarized around 73%. They do not use Turnitin. They use some cheap software.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

British essay service says to provide the best stuff written by well-qualified writers around the world. But their writings suggest that they do not know ABC of writings papers. After placing an order with them, you will get know that a lot of your time has been wasted by them. They are not reliable for your writings.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

Their high prices do not match their quality of services which are ambiguous from all level such as grammatically, pragmatically, semantically, and formatting. Their comparable firms can facilitate you with the best materials at low rates. Their fake discounts can catch your attention but these are not given when you placed in order.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

British essay service claims to reply to you within seconds is not real. They can only be contacted via live chat. There is a phone number of this company on the site but it is not workable it is fake numbers, because they are not working in the UK so how can UK numbers work. They exist in some far region of India.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

In short, you are informed that this is valueless company. They are big fraudsters as they do not return your money despite the worst materials delivery. They threaten customers to not ask for a refund otherwise they will contact the university. So, this company is not recommended by us.

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Company trust is never to be the matter of satisfaction for us. We never get satisfied by their service, not just we, you will never see any single positive review for them on their web page. They deceived all of their customers at any stage. You will also be in the list once you try their service. We just want you to be away from them.


The claimed that they will be available 24/7 but that promise was just before the submission of order. Once you have successfully became their prey, they will roll their eyes not just from helping you but also would not reply your message. If however they do, their response will lack the information required to be helpful for your issues.


Prices are argued to be very reasonable and affordable with all due facilities but you will be bitten by their sweet tongue. The price will be discounted but that would be more than 10 times higher than the stuff you will get. All their discount offers and special offers are just scam.

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The trust level of customers is not on a satisfactory scale. is impotent to build satisfaction in the hearts of clients. Their work is not original and does not meet the instructions of the students.

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POOR COMMUNICATION AMONG THEIR STAFF. Their so-called "EXPERT" will back out at the last minute of the due date without any notice. so you end up cramming to do it yourself anyway. Fraud site.

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“worst assignment” I was not satisfied with the service. The work done was average, not even a pass grade. The expert did not have the idea of what they were doing and does not seems to have knowledge about the subject. Britishessayservice are unskillful.

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Their price charges are high and the work quality is low. I spend 100$ on my order but the result was very disappointing. are not affordable for students. When asked for revision they charge extra for revision.

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Britishessayservice is a fake online service that is unable to build customer trust. This company is not honest with its words because what they commit never bother about that.

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