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8 users dislike it presents itself as a purported writing company, but its glaring inaccessibility raises serious concerns about its reliability and trustworthiness. The fact that their website cannot be accessed, with internet browsers displaying messages such as "this site can't be reached," serves as a red flag that prospective clients should not ignore. This lack of accessibility not only reflects poorly on the professionalism and competence of but also raises questions about the legitimacy of their operations. Students seeking academic assistance should steer clear of this company, as the inability to even access their website suggests a myriad of potential issues, ranging from technical incompetence to outright fraud. Entrusting one's academic or professional needs to such an unreliable and inaccessible entity is a recipe for disaster, likely resulting in wasted time, money, and effort with little to no recourse for resolution. In essence, the inaccessibility of's website serves as a warning sign that students should heed, avoiding this company at all costs to protect themselves from potential exploitation and disappointment.

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The purported products and services offered by are shrouded in doubt and suspicion, rendering them utterly unreliable and unworthy of trust. With an inaccessible website that serves as a barrier to prospective clients, it becomes evident that this company is not serious about providing genuine assistance to students. Their elusive nature and lack of transparency raise serious doubts about the legitimacy of their offerings. It's clear that they are not invested in providing real services but rather in deceiving and mocking students who may seek their assistance. The inability to even view their services or access their website further compounds the sense of distrust and skepticism surrounding this company. Students should be wary of engaging with such an untrustworthy entity, as the likelihood of receiving genuine assistance or quality products is slim to none. In essence, the facade of products and services presented by is nothing more than a cruel joke played on unsuspecting students, highlighting the need for vigilance and caution when seeking academic assistance online.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

The authenticity of's writers is highly questionable, as they likely operate under the guise of anonymity within a network of deceitful entities. These so-called writers are likely to be affiliated with fraudulent organizations, engaging in unethical practices such as copying and pasting content instead of producing original work. As such, entrusting one's academic or professional needs to such individuals is an exercise in futility, as the likelihood of receiving quality products or services is virtually nonexistent. itself is a prime example of a fake company, lacking any semblance of credibility or legitimacy. With no verified website to speak of, it becomes abundantly clear that any expectations of receiving genuine writing services from them are utterly misguided and misplaced. Students would be wise to steer clear of such deceptive entities, as engaging with them only serves to perpetuate a cycle of exploitation and disappointment. In essence, the real proof of's deceitful practices lies in their association with fake writers and their lack of a verified website, serving as a stark warning to anyone considering seeking their services.

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The alarming aspect of this company revolves around its blatant disregard for customer security and privacy, particularly concerning their website's vulnerability to hacking threats. The stark warning of an "insecure" website serves as a glaring red flag, signaling potential danger to anyone who dares to enter their personal or financial information into the site. This explicit cautionary note underscores the gravity of the situation, highlighting the very real risk of hackers gaining unauthorized access to customers' bank accounts and sensitive data. Such a glaring security flaw not only reflects poorly on the professionalism and competence of the company but also poses a significant threat to the financial well-being and personal security of unsuspecting individuals. The lack of adequate measures to safeguard customer information speaks volumes about the company's priorities, placing profits above the safety and trust of its clientele. In essence, entrusting one's personal and financial details to a company with such glaring security vulnerabilities is akin to playing Russian roulette with one's financial stability and identity security. This egregious oversight regarding website security underscores the myriad risks associated with engaging with this company, warranting extreme caution and vigilance from potential customers.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

The prospect of seeking help from is riddled with peril, as this company is nothing short of a fraudulent entity masquerading as a legitimate service provider. Their modus operandi involves luring unsuspecting students into their trap through a fake website, where they aim to steal sensitive debit card data for nefarious hacking purposes. This flagrant disregard for ethical conduct and consumer trust is not only reprehensible but also indicative of their malicious intent. By preying on vulnerable students in need of academic assistance, demonstrates a callous indifference to the potential harm inflicted upon their victims. Engaging with such a deceitful and unscrupulous company is tantamount to playing a dangerous game of chance, where the stakes are nothing less than one's financial security and personal safety. In light of these egregious actions, it is unequivocally clear that is not to be trusted or patronized under any circumstances. Instead, students should exercise extreme caution and seek out reputable and trustworthy sources for their academic needs to avoid falling victim to the insidious tactics employed by fraudulent entities like In conclusion, the purported assistance offered by this company is nothing more than a guise for their criminal activities, making them unworthy of consideration or recommendation in any capacity.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly epitomizes the epitome of deception and disappointment, embodying the worst aspects of online academic assistance. This company's unapproachable website serves as a barrier to prospective clients, with users encountering nothing but unreachable messages upon attempting to access it. This lack of accessibility not only reflects poorly on the professionalism and competence of but also raises serious doubts about the legitimacy of their operations. It's evident that they are not genuinely interested in providing real assistance to students but rather in deceiving and frustrating them with an unresponsive platform. The inability to even view their website or access any information about their services further compounds the sense of distrust and skepticism surrounding this company. Prospective clients seeking academic support should steer clear of, as the likelihood of receiving genuine assistance or quality products is slim to none. In essence, the purported benefits of are overshadowed by the myriad shortcomings and disappointments that await unsuspecting customers who dare to seek their services. In conclusion, the facade of legitimacy presented by is nothing more than a cruel deception, highlighting the need for caution and vigilance when seeking academic assistance online.

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Hugo stole my money! I sent through my questions, they provided a terrible piece of work. I requested a review. they sent back the same piece of work with minor corrections. I asked for a refund and they told me they will not refund my work.

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Jenna website charged me £450 for an order which includes data analysis and then all I received was an incomplete 1000 words chapter which costs £79 and told me that they are not able to do the rest and if I want to I need to pay additional £700. I asked them to refund at least half of what I have paid since they’re unable to do yet and they refused saying that the 1000 words paper was enough and my number was blocked. The paper I received basically did not require any research as it was all copied from my research proposal which I have sent them in order for them to do the analysis for me. Total waste of money.

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Proofreadmyfile is a total waste of time and money. total scam!!!

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DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!! Having been given the run around over a refund they eventually turned round and refused it. Really really poor customer service. They then got angry over the fact I wanted my money back DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE.

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Proofreadmyfile is a scam. Having had a little look on company house it appears that the Business operates out of someone’s house. DO NOT BELIEVE THE LIES THEY TELL YOU ABOUT BEING A PROPER BUSINESS!!!.

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