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8 users dislike it shamelessly deceives its clients by falsely claiming to have a team of professional and qualified writers. This assertion is nothing short of a blatant lie, as evidenced by the subsequent revelations of their deceitful practices. The mere existence of a review dedicated to exposing their scam speaks volumes about the egregious nature of their deception. By touting the expertise of their writers, manipulates unsuspecting clients into believing that they will receive top-notch writing products. In reality, they fall far short of this promise, delivering subpar work that fails to meet even the most basic standards of quality and professionalism. Engaging with such a deceitful company not only wastes valuable time and resources but also undermines trust in the entire industry.'s fraudulent claims not only betray the trust of their clients but also tarnish the reputation of legitimate writing services. In conclusion, the beauty of a writing company is irreparably tarnished by's deceitful practices, serving as a cautionary tale for anyone considering seeking their services.

Products And Services You’ll Find

The array of services touted by may seem extensive at first glance, but the reality is far from promising. Despite their claims, these services are utterly useless, as the company lacks the competence and expertise necessary to deliver quality work. Their writers, far from being qualified professionals, exhibit a shocking lack of understanding of even the most basic principles of writing. Grammatical errors run rampant throughout their work, rendering their writing incomprehensible and amateurish. What's worse, fails to rectify these mistakes through revisions, demonstrating a blatant disregard for quality control and customer satisfaction. In essence, this company operates as a collective of scammers, preying on unsuspecting individuals who seek legitimate writing assistance. Anyone considering engaging with should proceed with extreme caution, as doing so only invites disappointment and frustration. In conclusion, the purported products and services offered by are nothing more than a facade, concealing the truth of their incompetence and deceit.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

Mr. John's testimony regarding his experience with serves as a stark warning against engaging with this company. His account highlights the abysmal quality of products churned out by their writers, indicating a severe lack of qualification and competence among their staff. Far from delivering on their promises, consistently disappoints customers with subpar work that is nothing short of a waste of time. Clients soon come to regret their decision to entrust their academic or professional needs to this company, as the products they receive are riddled with errors and fail to meet even the most basic standards of quality. Moreover, the company's blatant disregard for deadlines further compounds the issue, leaving customers scrambling to salvage their projects and reputations. The fact that relies on cheap software rather than reputable plagiarism detection tools like Turnitin speaks volumes about their commitment to academic integrity. Their refusal to revise submissions only serves to cement the damage inflicted upon their clients' careers, as errors and inaccuracies go unaddressed. In essence, poses a significant threat to the success and well-being of anyone foolish enough to seek their services, making them a company to be avoided at all costs.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods's approach to pricing is deceptive and exploitative, with exorbitant charges that far outweigh the dismal quality of their products. Despite their claims of transparency, the discrepancy between the prices they charge and the quality they deliver is glaringly evident. Charging $19 per page for standard-level writing is a blatant rip-off, especially considering the subpar nature of the work provided. Moreover, the company employs underhanded tactics such as charging extra for revisions or urgent delivery, further squeezing money out of unsuspecting customers. Their purported discounts packages are nothing more than a sham, designed to lure in customers with false promises of savings. In reality, these discounts never materialize, leaving customers feeling cheated and betrayed. Additionally,'s mention of illegal payment methods raises serious red flags, indicating a willingness to engage in unethical and possibly criminal behavior in order to evade authorities. Entrusting them with your hard-earned money is a surefire way to end up disappointed and financially drained. In conclusion,'s pricing practices are predatory and dishonest, making them a company to be avoided at all costs.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

The purported customer support team at may claim to be available around the clock, but their true intentions are far from helpful. Instead of providing genuine assistance to customers in need, they employ deceitful tactics aimed at swindling unsuspecting individuals out of their hard-earned money. Their presence is merely a facade, concealing a sinister agenda to exploit and defraud customers at every turn. Despite assurances of timely delivery, customers soon discover that their promises are empty, with deadlines routinely missed and excuses abound. Moreover, the company's offer of a 100% money-back guarantee is revealed to be nothing more than a hollow gesture, as attempting to claim a refund results in threats of retaliation, including the ominous prospect of contacting the university. This coercive behavior is reprehensible and indicative of's complete lack of integrity and ethical standards. Customers are strongly advised against sharing their debit card information with this unscrupulous company, as doing so puts them at risk of identity theft and financial exploitation. In essence,'s purported customer support is merely a facade for their nefarious activities, serving as a cautionary tale for anyone considering seeking assistance from this deceitful entity.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly stands as a testament to the epitome of disappointment and deception within the realm of academic assistance. Not a single recommendation can be found in favor of this company, and for good reason: their services are marred by consistently poor quality and a blatant disregard for the trust of their customers. The facade of legitimacy they attempt to maintain is quickly shattered upon closer inspection, revealing a cesspool of incompetence and deceit. From their subpar writing products to their unscrupulous pricing practices and untrustworthy customer support, embodies the epitome of the ugly side of the online writing industry. Customers who dare to engage with this company do so at their own peril, risking not only wasted time and money but also their academic and professional reputations. In essence, is a cautionary tale, serving as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by untrustworthy and unethical entities within the academic assistance landscape.

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They are a fraudulent that will call you 100 times to get your order, but once you place the order, their delivery is flawed and incomplete. After that, they say sorry but you CANNOT GET A REFUND because even if the work was incorrect, there was at least SOME work done! I have documented proof of this.

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Drake is not successful to build up trust in their customers because they are not providing the services as claimed. This company is defeating you only for a few pennies. This company never deserves to support it for their fraud.

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There are several grammatical mistakes and too many simple sentences. Rushmyessays is Fraud Company.

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Do not go for them ever. is a bunch of Pakistani's or Indians who just fake the accent and are fraudsters who can’t live by their own word when it comes to the refund. Especially that guy who calls himself by the name Dan.

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Total scam. They said they were unable to provide a service just three days before my deadline and then they said to process the refund. it was a month ago already. They keep delaying the date without acceptable reasons. Rushmyessays is TOTAL SCAM. They steal your money even without providing the service. The guy named Alex who is in the financial department is a total liar. He makes excuses not to give your money back. Watch out!

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