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When making an order for an essay or assignment writing gig, two things come to mind. The quality of final submission and delivery time. Unfortunately, does not have these two determining factors.

Products And Services You’ll Find claims to write essays, assignments, dissertations to students promptly. But they are not fast in delivering students orders.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

The quality of paperwork submitted is very poor. They do not proofread their work. Writers are always in haste to meet up their targets. The reason is that; pays writers based on the number of projects completed.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

The annoying thing about this writing company is that they don't give you value for your money. Their grammar structure is poor. Also, they do not offer discounts. Never use your credit card on an unsecured website like Speedy

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

They do not render tangible help. Their sole existence is to milk students. They do not offer revisions on final submission.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

Get a versatile essay or any academy related writing firm to handle your project. If you don't want to be frustrated by's poor quality content.

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Invest in your future today, but surely not with the writing resource. Invest in your brain and go look for a different place. So disappointed that I was putting that many hopes into that place - it didn`t worth anything! My research paper wasn`t of the best quality and it was missing a huge part of summary information. To the question of how come I got an answer: oops, we will give you a rewritten summary. Okay, but why didn`t you do it at the first place? Doesn`t worth wasted time.

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Graysen is definitely a scam. After receiving my paper, I gave it to them again for revision. They just rectified a few grammatical and spelling errors. I gave the paper back because the content was wrong in textual perspective, which they never corrected.

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The customers are insecure because they are not supporting them. Speedyassignment are incapable and to reply on time, even though they are unable to deliver the orders on time. Their service is slow. You will also find some technical issues on the site.

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Let alone the most absurd piece of work I received, the way these people corresponded to me was gruesome. didn’t bother to response to my concerns even once on time despite my insistence. It was as if they were doing this free of cost. It was disgusting.

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I had some important guidelines regarding a research paper I was intending to publish. I assigned them to work on this and can anyone imagine it was so roughly formatted, and sticking to deadlines? Forget it, they didn’t even read guidelines I’m sure this speedyassignment company.

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