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Despite its claims of excellence and proficiency in aiding with various writing tasks such as essays, seminars, and assignments, this platform fails miserably in delivering satisfactory results. Despite offering a range of services, their performance is abysmal, with numerous instances of subpar quality and inadequacy. Through thorough investigation, it becomes evident that the promises made by this platform are hollow and misleading. Rather than upholding their commitment to providing top-tier assistance, they consistently fall short of expectations, leaving clients dissatisfied and disillusioned. The extent of their incompetence and inefficiency is alarming, casting doubt on their credibility and reliability. Ultimately, the decision lies with you to assess whether this platform is worthy of your trust and patronage. However, based on the evidence at hand, it is clear that their services do not meet the standards expected of a reputable writing service.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

The real proof of any writing platform lies in the experience of its writers and the quality of the products they produce. Unfortunately, in the case of this particular writing help service, it's a glaring weakness. The quality of their outputs is consistently poor, leaving much to be desired by their customers. Instances of grammatical errors, improper spacing, and misuse of punctuation are rampant, indicating a lack of attention to detail and a disregard for basic writing conventions. These shortcomings not only reflect poorly on the competence of the writers employed by the platform but also undermine the credibility of the service as a whole. For individuals seeking reliable assistance with their writing tasks, the subpar quality of the products offered by this platform is a significant cause for concern. It's clear that they fall short of delivering the level of excellence and professionalism expected of a reputable writing service. As such, prospective users would be wise to approach with caution and explore alternative options that prioritize quality and customer satisfaction.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

When it comes to the financial aspect, this platform leaves much to be desired. The prices they offer for their services are exorbitant, ranging from £40 to £60 depending on the nature of the order. Despite claiming to offer a 15% discount, the eligibility requirements for this discount are so stringent that they are nearly impossible to meet. This renders the discount effectively useless for the majority of users. Furthermore, even with the discount applied, the platform remains prohibitively expensive compared to other alternatives in the market. Given the availability of much cheaper platforms offering similar services, it would be unwise to squander one's hard-earned money on this platform. The exorbitant pricing coupled with the lackluster discount scheme makes it clear that this platform is not a cost-effective choice for those seeking writing assistance. In conclusion, individuals would be better off exploring more affordable options that provide better value for money and prioritize the financial well-being of their customers.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

When it comes to seeking assistance, the availability of support may seem promising at first glance, but the reality is far from satisfactory. Despite their claims of being accessible, this platform faces significant hurdles in communication that severely impede the assistance they offer. One glaring issue is the language barrier, as they only have English-speaking representatives available for customer support. This poses a major problem for a substantial portion of their clientele, many of whom may not be fluent in English or may not understand the language at all. As a result, attempting to seek help from this platform becomes an exercise in frustration and futility for non-English-speaking customers, rendering their purported availability effectively meaningless. In essence, while support may be theoretically available, the language barrier effectively prevents many customers from accessing the assistance they need, highlighting a critical flaw in the platform's support infrastructure. As such, individuals who require assistance would be wise to seek out alternatives that prioritize effective communication and cater to a diverse range of linguistic needs.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

In the spectrum of writing platforms, this particular one falls squarely into the category of the ugly. As highlighted earlier, one major drawback is its lack of support for non-English speakers, making it virtually inaccessible to a significant portion of potential users. Additionally, the quality of work produced by this platform is abysmal, with articles riddled with errors and lacking in coherence. Such glaring deficiencies underscore the platform's overall inadequacy and unreliability. In light of these shortcomings, it is abundantly clear that this platform is not worth the time or investment for individuals seeking quality writing assistance. Consequently, it receives a dismal overall rating of 2 out of 10, reflecting its status as a subpar and untrustworthy option in the realm of writing services. For those in search of reliable and proficient writing assistance, it is advisable to steer clear of this platform and explore more reputable alternatives that prioritize quality and customer satisfaction.

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Mustafa writers are not efficient and we do not recommend these unlearned writers for your academics. They use unstructured and unreliable vocabulary that is not appropriate for assignments.

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One assignment got 0% because the writer wrote a total different topic than requested and the other assignment got twice 20%. never refunded anything.

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Writinghelp company is not recommended to choose for your research purpose. They are just doing fraud with their customers.

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what you pay for is not what you get from these people. when they sent me the disseration I had to add few stuff on it so I sent an email to ask to amend it to the extra bits that needed to be mentioned. I heard back from them after 4 weeks to tell me we will soon make changes and since then, nothing up to now. I will never recommend company to anyone.

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Writinghelp Company is not trustworthy because whatever they claimed, does not follow by their team in reality. The customers are not secure in the hands of writers because they are destroying their future. Trust should be first priority but they fail to build it.

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