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8 users dislike it is another virtual firm in the world of writing. It promises to provide the best writing materials. Are such promises made by assignmentbay company true? Therefore, we are going to analyse Assignmentbay company step by step. You will get all the necessary information about assignmentbay company.

Products And Services You’ll Find

Assignmentbay is a writing firm which offers essay writings. But Assignmentbay is not a trustworthy company. its website is not secure which means that clients information can be stolen from here by the attackers. Besides, when we visited assignmentbay company site we found a message which was saying that the company domain allows for sale. Do you want to buy it”? It means that assignmentbay company is not providing any service. Assignmentbay is a scam company.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

Since assignmentbay company is a scam, we did not find any line about its writers on its site. Also, the writing’s samples are not available. We moved to investigate offsite customers reviews relating to Assignmentbay company, but we also did not see single comments regarding assignmentbay writing firm. It shows that assignmentbay company has never been availed by anyone for writings.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

Another suspicious aspect of assignmentbay company was not having any pricing scheme or pricing page. There is an only single page which shows its services, nothing else is available on the assignmentbay site, not pricing system not the payment method.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily? company also does not have any support option. We investigated it thoroughly but did not come across any email or phone numbers. In addition to this, refund, revision, physical address and privacy policy was not available.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

Assignmentbay is a completely bad writing firm. Assignmentbay is a scam writing firm. Assignmentbay is empty except for services information. Also, its site is insecure. It is over nice advice to avoid assignmentbay company even for visiting its site. You can be entangled in serious issues.

Customers’ Reviews

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Benny is superbly spoiling the students' lives by providing them fake services. You should be careful while choosing the agency for your academic career.

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They are claiming to refund your money in case of incomplete order or delay it. They are already charging a very high cost for a few words. It is a waste of time and money to get help from this company.

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Assignmentbay company is not a place to order your academic concerns. You should be good at searching for the best site for you to get help regarding your future career.

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The trust of the customers on this company is not strong because they are scamming the people with different threats and thick. If any student demands a refund they start threatening them that they will complain to their school or college.

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The write plagiarized the paper and assignmentbay would not offer a refund. Beware, I wouldn't use this company.

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