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8 users dislike it may tout a lengthy history of operation, but this longevity does little to bolster its credibility or assure clients of quality writing services. Despite its extensive tenure in the industry, the company's track record leaves much to be desired, with numerous reports of subpar writing quality and unqualified writers. Clients are often left frustrated and dissatisfied by the lacklustre output, highlighting a fundamental failure on the part of to deliver on its promises of excellence. Moreover, navigating the company's website proves to be a cumbersome and time-consuming ordeal, with scant information provided about the range of services offered and the associated pricing. This opacity not only reflects poorly on the company's transparency but also serves as a deterrent for potential clients seeking clarity and upfront pricing. As such, the arduous process of sifting through vague details and engaging in protracted negotiations only serves to further erode trust in the company's integrity and reliability. In light of these shortcomings, it is evident that falls short of meeting the expectations of discerning clients and fails to instil confidence in its ability to deliver quality writing solutions.

Products And Services You’ll Find's opacity regarding their service offerings speaks volumes about their lack of transparency and integrity. While they purport to provide a comprehensive array of academic services, the sheer breadth of their offerings belies a thinly veiled attempt to hoodwink unsuspecting clients. Indeed, their extensive catalogue may create the illusion of versatility and competence, but the reality is far from reassuring. Behind the facade of a lengthy service list lies a stark truth: the quality of these purported services is sorely lacking. Despite the grandiose claims and ostentatious displays, fails miserably to deliver on its promises of originality and uniqueness. Instead, clients are met with mediocrity and disappointment, as the purportedly exhaustive list of services proves to be nothing more than a ruse designed to lure in unsuspecting victims. In essence,'s refusal to disclose the true nature of its services serves as a damning indictment of their credibility and reliability, painting a picture of a company more concerned with deceit and obfuscation than with providing genuine academic assistance.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products masquerades under the guise of offering pristine, plagiarism-free academic papers, yet their claims unravel upon closer scrutiny. Despite their bold assurances, a perusal of the samples provided on their website reveals a staggering prevalence of plagiarism, with an alarming 70% of content deemed unoriginal. This blatant disregard for academic integrity underscores the utter lack of competence and professionalism among's purported legion of writers. Moreover, their reliance on subpar software in lieu of industry-standard plagiarism detection tools like Turnitin further compounds the issue, allowing plagiarized content to slip through the cracks undetected. Despite purportedly boasting a cadre of over a thousand writers, fails to furnish any substantive evidence of their qualifications or expertise, leaving clients to engage their services blindly, with no assurance of quality or competence. In essence,'s hollow promises of originality and proficiency are nothing more than a facade, betraying a systemic failure to uphold the most basic tenets of academic integrity and excellence. As such, entrusting one's academic pursuits to this dubious entity is an exercise in futility and folly, fraught with the inherent risk of receiving substandard, plagiarized work devoid of any semblance of scholarly merit or integrity.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods's opaque pricing system is a glaring red flag for potential clients, indicative of a company more concerned with extracting maximum profit than with providing transparent and fair pricing to its customers. The lack of estimated prices leaves clients in the dark, forced to engage in email negotiations simply to ascertain the cost of services—a tedious and potentially risky process. This clandestine approach to pricing not only reeks of unprofessionalism but also raises serious concerns about the security of personal and financial information shared with the company. By requiring clients to divulge their email addresses for negotiation purposes, effectively exposes them to the risk of data breaches and hacking attacks. In an age where cybersecurity threats abound, such lax practices are wholly unacceptable and place clients in a vulnerable position. The prospect of having sensitive information stolen by malicious actors looms large, casting a shadow of doubt over the company's credibility and reliability. In light of these glaring security risks, it is imperative that clients exercise caution and refrain from using their debit cards on the website to safeguard their financial well-being and personal privacy.

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When it comes to seeking assistance from, students are left stranded in a sea of uncertainty and frustration. The purported support system touted by the company is nothing more than a hollow facade, offering little to no solace to beleaguered students in need. fails miserably in providing the crucial customer support necessary for navigating the complexities of academic assignments. Their writers, lacking in competence and reliability, are woefully ill-equipped to forge any semblance of trust or rapport with clients, leaving students to fend for themselves in a veritable wilderness of academic challenges. Moreover, when the time comes for delivery, offers no lifeline in the form of revision or modification assistance, callously disregarding the needs and concerns of their clientele. The absence of any meaningful customer support infrastructure renders a veritable ghost town, devoid of the vital resources and assistance that students require to succeed academically. In the face of such abject neglect and apathy, students are left to grapple with their academic burdens alone, with little hope of finding refuge or assistance from

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly emerges as a dark shadow in the realm of academic assistance, promising light but delivering only darkness and despair. Their website may glitter with enticing offers and assurances of top-notch service, but beneath the surface lies a cesspool of deceit and treachery. operates under the guise of legitimacy, luring unsuspecting students into their web of deception with false promises and fraudulent practices. Their purported commitment to academic excellence is nothing more than a facade, concealing the truth of their incompetence and dishonesty. Engaging with is akin to playing a dangerous game of chance, with the odds stacked against you and the risk of academic ruin looming large. Their track record speaks volumes, with countless students falling victim to their scams and schemes, left with nothing but shattered dreams and depleted bank accounts. represents the epitome of the ugly side of the academic industry, preying on the vulnerabilities of students and exploiting them for financial gain. It is imperative that students steer clear of and seek reputable alternatives for their academic needs, lest they become ensnared in the web of deceit spun by this unscrupulous entity.

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what you pay for is not what you get from these people. when they sent me the disseration I had to add few stuff on it so I sent an email to ask to amend it to the extra bits that needed to be mentioned. I heard back from them after 4 weeks to tell me we will soon make changes and since then, nothing up to now. I will never recommend company to anyone.

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The grammar is extremely shocking, especially joining some of my sentences with substandard English and making them very wordy. I am extremely disappointed with this

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Scammers, they completely ignored my guidelines and delivered poorly written research paper. I paid a couple hundred bucks for this shit and they refuse to give a refund. DON'T use bestassignmenthelp!

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Luna website, from top to bottom is filled with fake promises, falsity and plagiarism. Don’t be fooled by their words.

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Bestassignmenthelp site offers the clients to choose their own writer. In this regard the writers take advantage of the innocent students and use illegal methods of making money. Honesty is nothing for them because they only want money.

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