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CollegeHelp operates under the guise of academic assistance but is, in reality, a cesspool of deceit and fraudulent activities. This company shamelessly peddles deception and preys on the academic aspirations of unsuspecting individuals, leaving a trail of disgruntled customers in its wake. Despite its outward appearance as a legitimate writing service, CollegeHelp's true nature is revealed through its unethical business practices and substandard services. Customers are lured in by false promises of quality work and timely delivery, only to be met with plagiarized content and shoddy craftsmanship. The company's blatant disregard for academic integrity and customer satisfaction is evident in its deceptive tactics and lack of accountability. Moreover, CollegeHelp's pricing structure is exorbitant, offering little to no value for the exorbitant fees charged. With a track record marred by deceit and malpractice, CollegeHelp stands as a testament to the darker side of the online writing industry. It is imperative that prospective customers exercise caution and avoid falling victim to CollegeHelp's fraudulent schemes.

Products And Services You’ll Find

CollegeHelp boasts about offering a comprehensive range of services purportedly of top-notch quality, but these claims couldn't be further from the truth. Despite their assurances, the reality is that CollegeHelp fails miserably in delivering satisfactory products and services. Customers who place orders with this company are often left bitterly disappointed as they receive subpar work riddled with plagiarism. This lack of originality stems from CollegeHelp's failure to utilize reputable plagiarism detection tools like Turnitin, opting instead for inferior software that fails to adequately identify copied content. As a result, unsuspecting clients are duped into paying for work that lacks authenticity and fails to meet academic standards. CollegeHelp's deceptive practices not only betray the trust of their customers but also undermine the integrity of the academic writing industry as a whole. It is imperative that individuals seeking academic assistance steer clear of CollegeHelp and opt for reputable and trustworthy alternatives to avoid falling victim to their fraudulent schemes.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

CollegeHelp claims to assign expert writers to cater to the specific needs of their clients, ensuring high-quality academic papers. However, the reality is starkly different from their promises. The writers employed by CollegeHelp lack the necessary expertise and qualifications to produce satisfactory work. Not only do they lack proficiency in the subject matter, but their grammar and communication skills are also abysmal, making it challenging for them to comprehend and follow the provided instructions accurately. As a result, clients are left with poorly written papers that fail to meet academic standards and often contain numerous grammatical errors and structural flaws. Despite their assurances, CollegeHelp falls short of delivering the quality they claim to provide, leaving customers dissatisfied and frustrated with the service. It is evident that CollegeHelp cannot be relied upon to deliver on their promises, and individuals seeking academic assistance would be wise to steer clear of their services to avoid disappointment and academic repercussions.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

CollegeHelp proves to be one of the most exorbitantly priced writing services in the market, rendering it unaffordable for the majority of students. The steep prices charged by CollegeHelp make it virtually impossible for individuals on a tight budget to avail themselves of their services, especially when they are already burdened with university fees and other academic expenses. Moreover, despite claiming to offer discounts and special offers, CollegeHelp fails to provide any substantial relief to alleviate the financial strain on students. The absence of genuine discounts further underscores the company's profit-driven motives, leaving customers feeling exploited and financially burdened. Given the exorbitant costs and lack of tangible benefits, it is evident that entrusting CollegeHelp with academic assignments is not a prudent financial decision. Instead of squandering hard-earned money on their services, students are advised to allocate their resources wisely and invest time in honing their writing skills to complete assignments independently.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

CollegeHelp's customer support system is riddled with deceit and inefficiency, reflecting the company's overall lack of credibility and reliability. The purported agents operating under false identities and providing misleading location information only serve to deceive unsuspecting clients. In reality, CollegeHelp operates from India, engaging in dubious practices and operating illegally. Instead of offering genuine assistance and support, their agents resort to tactics of manipulation and harassment, exacerbating the frustration and dissatisfaction of customers. Attempting to seek assistance or request revisions from CollegeHelp's customer support team only leads to further disappointment and aggravation, as their unprofessional conduct and lack of genuine concern for clients' needs become glaringly evident. Such reprehensible behavior underscores CollegeHelp's status as one of the worst companies in the industry, incapable of providing the essential support and assistance that customers rightfully expect.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

CollegeHelp epitomizes everything that can go wrong with an academic assistance service. From exorbitant prices to subpar quality, lack of refund and revision policies, fake addresses, and deceitful agent identities, the list of negatives associated with this company is extensive. Their business practices are marked by deception and exploitation, preying on unsuspecting students who seek genuine help with their academic endeavors. The absence of transparency and accountability further erodes any semblance of trustworthiness that CollegeHelp might have attempted to establish. Ultimately, the litany of issues plaguing this company renders it wholly unsuitable for students in need of reliable academic assistance. As such, it is our firm recommendation to steer clear of CollegeHelp and seek out more reputable alternatives that prioritize integrity and customer satisfaction.

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Their writers are poorly qualified and lacking professional attributes. don’t respect their customers.

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The service quality of this collegehelp site is very cheap. They are not competent enough to make their clients satisfied. The writers are not available for one-to-one communication.

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I was very clear in what I wanted for my paper completion. I had to contact several times. I gave them the exact rubric for the paper requirements. I received a 32% on my paper!!!!!!! How ridiculous. I will be asking for a refund of some sort as this is extremely unacceptable.

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The writers lost their trust in the customers because what they said did not implement that. I would not recommend to anyone.

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The site shows 24/7 service, unlimited revisions, friendly environment, and security. Ironically, Collegehelp company is incapable of fulfilling all these offers. Actually these are all the tactics to trap your attention. In customer support they are zero.

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