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Courseworklounge is another writing company promising to equip you with a-1 quality substances. But it is not true. They are big scammers and loot you for no reason. In the following review, we are talking about them.

Products And Services You’ll Find

All kind of services is composed of courseworklounge. Whether such services are original or not? Past customers have reported that their writings are highly plagiarized. They use unauthentic content in the composition of papers. Before delivery, the company does not check the project on Turnitin. They use some cheap software.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

Authors and writers with this company are stupid and unqualified. Their qualification is that they can only dispatch plagiarism contained writings. Yet, the lexical and grammatical mistakes are highly interpreted in such composition. They do not intend to help you with your writings. So, it is better to not use this company.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

Prices matter a lot when services quality is not known. Courseworklounge does not allow you to get knowledge about their prices. They give you an email discussion option for prices negotiation. This is not the way of a writing company to provide you with the negotiation system. This is the method of fish-market. So it means that they will charge per their will.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

Very stubborn officials are working as customer care agents with this company who do not have an ethical and moral value of dealing with clients. They use fake names for catching your attention with their fake things. Their address is also fake. They exist in some remote area of Nepal. Thus be aware of scammers.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

Courseworklounge is an untrustworthy company working only for looting clients. Their work is terrible in quality while revision is not given after submission. So, availing their services is an expensive and dangerous deal. We do not recommend this company.

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Courseworklounge is a fake online service that is unable to build customer trust. This company is not honest with its words because what they commit never bother about that.


Their price charges are high and the work quality is low. I spend 20$ on my order but the result was very disappointing. They are not affordable for students. When asked for revision they charge extra for revision.


The writers of the site are sometimes unavailable for communication. They delivered work over a period of time. Their customer support officers are not available 24/7 and unable to reply to all queries.

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Cora deliver plagiarized content. They use paraphrasing tools for removing plagiarism and that never interchange words with appropriate vocabulary. You must be careful and beware of such spam companies.

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Courseworklounge never keep your record confidential but claimed we do

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Never use service! I have ordered an essay which was only copied from different sources. I had to revise it, however, the author stopped responding and the support complained about everything that happened. Finally, the support stopped responding !!! It's just fraud!

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I am not recommending this company. It is my fair advice to others not use this site for your academic purpose. are fake and making you fool.

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Courseworklounge has a team of writers who are providing services but none of them is capable enough to give you output according to your expectation. My experience with them was the worst. I was treated badly by them and the work they sent me was poor.

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