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8 users dislike it presents itself as a premier writing company, flaunting lofty claims of excellence and superiority within the industry. However, a closer examination reveals a stark contrast between the company's self-professed accolades and the actual experiences recounted by students who have availed themselves of its services. Despite's assertions of being among the elite in the realm of academic writing, the prevailing sentiment among students is one of disappointment and dissatisfaction. Numerous reviews and testimonials paint a consistent picture of subpar quality, missed deadlines, and unresponsive customer support, casting doubt on the company's ability to deliver on its promises. Rather than living up to its billing as a top-tier writing service, appears to fall short of meeting the basic standards expected by discerning students seeking reliable assistance with their academic endeavors. As such, this review aims to shed light on the glaring disparities between the company's grandiose claims and the stark reality faced by students who place their trust in its purported expertise.

Products And Services You’ll Find boasts an extensive array of services, purportedly catering to a wide range of academic needs, including argument term papers, cheap research papers, economics papers, nursing term papers, biology term papers, and more. However, the sheer breadth of their offerings fails to guarantee the quality of their services, as evidenced by the dissatisfaction expressed by students who have availed themselves of's services. The company's failure to provide transparency regarding its writers' details and qualifications, coupled with the absence of any samples of their writings on the company website, further compounds the issue. This lack of transparency deprives customers of the opportunity to assess the quality of the services offered, rendering them vulnerable to potential scams and fraudulent practices. Indeed, numerous reports indicate instances of plagiarism within the materials provided by, exacerbated by their failure to utilize reputable plagiarism detection tools such as Turnitin. Instead, the company relies on substandard software, undermining the integrity and originality of the work delivered to unsuspecting customers.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products boasts about having the best professional writers, yet it fails to provide any information regarding them, which is detrimental for a writing company as writers are the backbone of any writing organization. It's disheartening that the company's website is replete with details about their services, pricing plans, and operations, yet there is not a single authentic piece of information about the writers employed by the company. Judging based on the lack of specifics about the writers in and our recent findings, the company's service was poorly judged based on the quality of their writing. writers committed numerous errors, and plagiarism was also prevalent in their work. This lack of transparency regarding the qualifications and expertise of their writers raises serious doubts about the credibility and reliability of, ultimately undermining the trust and confidence of potential customers who rely on the expertise and professionalism of the writers when seeking academic assistance.

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The pricing structure of Essayacademia is exorbitant, dissuading students from using their service. Their prices fail to consider the daily challenges faced by students, making their services inaccessible to many. sacrifices quality and student interest when they inflate their prices. Furthermore, does not offer discounts or any guarantees to their customers, adding to the overall negative experience. This lack of consideration for students' financial constraints coupled with the absence of discounts or assurances further alienates potential customers, making an unattractive option for students seeking academic assistance. Moreover, the high prices without corresponding quality or benefits demonstrate a clear disregard for the needs and concerns of their clientele, ultimately eroding trust and confidence in the company's ability to deliver satisfactory services.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

Even before placing an order,'s customer service exhibits rudeness, and this behavior worsens once an order is placed. Despite claiming to provide 24/7 support across multiple platforms such as email, phone calls, and WhatsApp, the reality contradicts this assertion. Their website is not designed to offer quality service as described. Responses are either delayed or irrelevant to the information requested, indicating a lack of professionalism and concern for customer needs. This unresponsiveness and disregard for customer inquiries not only hinder the resolution of issues but also contribute to a negative overall experience. It is evident that fails to prioritize customer support and communication, further eroding trust and confidence in their services. As a result, customers seeking assistance may find themselves frustrated and dissatisfied with the lack of timely and relevant support from

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

Essayacademia falls short of being a reliable platform for academic writing services. Despite presenting themselves as capable, they have a history of providing subpar services. Students should exercise caution when selecting a platform to aid in their academic pursuits to avoid potential setbacks. The platform's reputation for poor service delivery should deter students from entrusting them with their academic needs. Furthermore, their SEO content lacks credibility, and their business practices are questionable, suggesting they prioritize profit over quality service. Given their track record, Essayacademia deserves a low rating of 1 out of 5, reflecting their inadequacy in meeting customer expectations and providing satisfactory solutions. It's imperative for students to steer clear of such fraudulent platforms to prevent any inconvenience or academic repercussions.

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I placed an order for geography assignment with plenty of time. But my paper came after the deadline and top of that I got an E in my paper. They failed to use my specific details while crafting my paper. I had a terrible time so I warn everyone to not trust

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Xavier don't have native English writers, the essays are of very bad quality, they change the writers' last minute as they can't handle the work. The worst ever writing I ever saw. I made e huge mistake ordering from them.

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The work they write in somehow paraphrased. The researchers of the Essayacademia site are unable to create content with scratch. Their research works never follow the legal rules and research ethics that a research work should have.

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Horrible experience don't you try this website.

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When the assignment order was confirmed, the amount was $167, but I had to pay, the amount became $175. I don't know how. Essayacademia have implied some hidden charges without my consern. Cheaters!

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