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8 users dislike it presents itself as a beacon of hope for students drowning in academic assignments, but in reality, it is nothing more than a den of deceit and exploitation. Despite claiming to offer assistance to students in need, this writing company operates with a complete disregard for ethical standards and customer satisfaction. Rather than providing genuine support and quality service, preys on vulnerable students, exploiting their desperation for academic help for financial gain. One of the most alarming aspects of is their fraudulent practices. They lure students in with promises of high-quality writing and reliable assistance, only to deliver subpar work that fails to meet even the most basic academic standards. Clients are left feeling cheated and betrayed, having paid hefty fees for services that are riddled with plagiarism, grammatical errors, and poor research.'s customer service is abysmal, with representatives who are unresponsive, unprofessional, and downright hostile towards clients seeking assistance. Rather than addressing concerns and resolving issues in a timely and courteous manner, their customer support team is dismissive and uncaring, leaving students feeling frustrated and also lacks transparency regarding their pricing and refund policies, leaving students in the dark about how their money is being spent and whether they are entitled to a refund for unsatisfactory is a predatory writing company that preys on students' vulnerabilities for financial gain. Their unethical practices, poor quality of service, and lack of transparency make them a company to be avoided at all costs. Students seeking academic assistance would be wise to steer clear of and explore more reputable and trustworthy alternatives.

Products And Services You’ll Find

Essaybox presents itself as a versatile writing service provider, boasting the ability to handle various types of academic assignments, with a focus on essays. However, their claim to offer a wide range of writing services is questionable, given the lack of qualified writers holding master's or PhD degrees. This raises doubts about the expertise and credibility of their writing staff, leading to concerns about the originality and quality of their work. Without highly educated writers, Essaybox resorts to using subpar methods to produce content, resulting in plagiarized materials that fail to meet academic standards. Their reliance on inexpensive software instead of reputable plagiarism detection tools like Turnitin further compounds the issue, leaving clients vulnerable to receiving unoriginal and low-quality work. Overall, Essaybox's purported breadth of services is undermined by their lack of qualified writers and inadequate measures to ensure originality and quality, making them an unreliable option for academic assistance.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

The claims made by the writing service about employing expert and highly qualified writers are contradicted by the lack of transparency regarding the writers' profiles and qualifications on their website. This absence of verifiable information raises doubts about the legitimacy of their workforce and the quality of their output. Feedback from previous clients further confirms suspicions, with reports of subpar writing quality characterized by errors and inconsistencies. Additionally, the company's disregard for deadlines is a significant red flag, as timely delivery is crucial in academic settings. By failing to meet agreed-upon deadlines and delivering work late, the writing service undermines students' trust and reliability. This pattern of behavior suggests a lack of professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction, indicative of a potentially fraudulent operation. Overall, the combination of opaque writer credentials, poor writing quality, and missed deadlines paints a troubling picture of the writing service's credibility and integrity.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

Essaybox fails to meet the needs of budget-conscious students seeking affordable writing services. Despite the financial constraints faced by many students, Essaybox imposes high fees that are unaffordable for the average student. This exorbitant pricing strategy alienates a significant portion of their potential clientele, rendering their services inaccessible to those with limited financial resources. Moreover, despite their hefty fees, Essaybox fails to deliver satisfactory results. Numerous reports from dissatisfied customers highlight subpar writing quality, missed deadlines, and unfulfilled promises. Instead of providing value for money, Essaybox offers a disappointing experience characterized by inadequate support and unreliable service. For students seeking affordable and reliable assistance with their assignments and essays, Essaybox falls short of expectations and is not a viable option. It is advisable for students to explore alternative writing services that offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality or reliability.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

Essaybox exhibits a blatant disregard for customer satisfaction and ethical business practices. Instead of prioritizing the needs of their clients, their primary focus appears to be on maximizing profits through deceitful practices. Customer complaints reveal a pattern of unethical behavior, including scamming and blackmailing tactics employed by Essaybox staff. Rather than providing genuine assistance and support, they exploit their customers' trust for financial gain, demonstrating a lack of integrity and professionalism. Moreover, their refusal to issue refunds and resorting to threats of contacting universities further underscores their unethical conduct. Essaybox's actions not only betray the trust of their clients but also tarnish their reputation as a reputable writing service. Students seeking reliable assistance with their academic assignments should exercise caution when considering Essaybox, as their disregard for customer well-being and ethical principles renders them an untrustworthy and disreputable option.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

Essaybox's numerous shortcomings make it an unsuitable choice for students seeking academic assistance. One glaring red flag is their deceptive claim of being based in the UK while operating from a remote location in Nepal. This false representation raises serious concerns about the company's credibility and honesty. Additionally, Essaybox's failure to provide revision services after submission further compounds the issue. Revisions are essential for ensuring the quality and accuracy of academic work, yet Essaybox neglects this crucial aspect, leaving customers dissatisfied and unable to address any errors or shortcomings in their assignments. Overall, the combination of deceptive practices, lack of transparency regarding their physical location, and absence of revision services underscores Essaybox's unreliability and untrustworthiness as a writing service provider. Students are advised to steer clear of Essaybox and explore more reputable and trustworthy alternatives for their academic needs.

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William is a FRAUD company. Before placing order they said it will be done by native English speaking phd student. But in reality it is done by graduate student from India. The writing are full of crap.

Avatar female service quality is shocking. The writers are youngsters who are serving without any experience and exposure. The content they write never encounters the needs of the customers. The irony of the situation is that “what you order and what you get”.

Avatar female


I will never waste my money again. How could you deliver such a $#*!ty paper with such a huge amount? I wish I could give you a negative rating. would not recommend to essaybox to anyone.

Avatar female

Nancy service is very cheap and they are unable to deliver projects around the time. The work quality is not refined and not well-structured.

Avatar female


Essaybox company that is scam and not giving customer support. This is highly non-recommended if you want your bright future career.

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