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EssayCastle presents itself as a beacon of hope in the realm of academic writing services, but the reality is far from promising. Despite its lofty claims of offering top-notch writing solutions, the company falls short on numerous fronts, leaving a trail of disgruntled customers in its wake. One of the most egregious offenses of EssayCastle is its failure to deliver original and unique content, a fundamental requirement in academic writing. Instead of providing custom-crafted papers tailored to each client's needs, EssayCastle churns out generic, recycled content that does little to impress discerning professors. The purportedly competent and dedicated team touted by the website is nothing more than a facade. Customers have reported instances of poor communication, unresponsive support staff, and subpar work delivered past deadlines. Rather than providing the much-needed assistance students seek, EssayCastle adds to their academic woes with its lackluster performance and unprofessional conduct. In light of these glaring deficiencies, it becomes evident that EssayCastle is not the reputable writing service it claims to be. Instead, it is a disingenuous entity that preys on the academic vulnerabilities of students. As such, a thorough examination of the company's practices and shortcomings is warranted to caution potential customers against falling victim to its deceptive tactics.

Products And Services You’ll Find

EssayCastle's extensive list of services may appear impressive at first glance, but a closer examination reveals a disturbing truth: all of it is a facade. Despite boasting about offering a wide range of writing solutions, the reality is that EssayCastle's services are nothing but a sham. These claims of providing comprehensive writing assistance are merely a smokescreen to mask their fraudulent practices and deceptive tactics. In truth, the company's offerings lack substance and fail to deliver on their promises. Customers who have placed their trust in EssayCastle have been sorely disappointed, finding themselves on the receiving end of subpar and unusable materials. Rather than receiving well-crafted and academically sound papers, they are met with poorly written, plagiarized content that is unfit for submission at any reputable institution. This blatant disregard for quality and integrity renders EssayCastle's services utterly worthless and leaves students in a precarious position. Furthermore, the company's unethical behavior extends beyond its substandard products to its misleading marketing tactics. By purporting to offer a comprehensive array of writing services, EssayCastle preys on the vulnerability of students seeking academic assistance, only to deliver disappointment and frustration. In light of these findings, it is abundantly clear that EssayCastle's products and services are nothing but a facade designed to deceive unsuspecting customers.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

EssayCastle's claim of employing qualified and professional writers is nothing short of a farce. In reality, their so-called "expert" writers lack the necessary qualifications and professionalism to deliver quality work. Grammatical errors, poor English usage, and a lack of coherence plague the projects produced by EssayCastle's writers, revealing their incompetence and inadequacy. It is evident that these writers are not native English speakers, further exacerbating the issue of language proficiency and comprehension. EssayCastle's writers engage in unethical practices such as reselling and plagiarism, demonstrating a blatant disregard for academic integrity. Rather than crafting original and authentic content, they resort to copying and pasting from internet sources, presenting plagiarized work as their own. This unethical behavior is compounded by the fact that EssayCastle does not utilize plagiarism detection software like Turnitin, opting instead for cheap alternatives that fail to uphold academic standards. As a result, the quality of the papers produced by EssayCastle's writers is abysmally low, falling far short of the expectations and requirements of students. Their incompetence and lack of integrity undermine the trust and confidence that customers place in the company, leaving them with subpar and unacceptable work. In light of these egregious shortcomings, it is evident that EssayCastle's writers are ill-equipped to meet the academic needs of students, rendering their services wholly unsatisfactory and unworthy of consideration.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

When it comes to pricing, EssayCastle adopts a dubious approach that lacks transparency and fairness. Rather than providing clear and estimated pricing schemes for their services, the company delegates pricing authority to its writers. This results in exorbitant rates being set, making it virtually impossible for students to afford their writing services. The absence of standardized pricing exacerbates the financial burden on customers, leaving them at the mercy of writers who prioritize their own monetary gain over the affordability of the service. EssayCastle's payment methods raise serious concerns about security and privacy. The company's payment system is notoriously insecure, posing a significant risk to customers who entrust their debit card information to the company. With rampant cases of hacking and identity theft, the prospect of having one's bank account compromised by EssayCastle is a genuine cause for alarm. The lack of robust security measures underscores the company's disregard for customer safety and highlights its unscrupulous practices. In light of these issues, it is evident that EssayCastle's approach to pricing, discounts, and payment methods is deeply flawed and detrimental to customers. The absence of transparency, coupled with the insecurity of the payment system, creates a hostile environment that undermines trust and confidence in the company. As such, students are strongly advised to seek alternative writing services that prioritize affordability, security, and integrity.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

EssayCastle's customer care services exemplify incompetence and unprofessionalism, providing little to no assistance to clients in need. Instead of offering genuine support and guidance, their representatives resort to abusive language and disrespectful behavior, further exacerbating the frustration and dissatisfaction of customers. The lack of ethical standards in their dealings with clients is alarming, as they display a blatant disregard for basic principles of customer service. EssayCastle's customer support team operates under false pretenses, using fake identities and deceptive tactics to target unsuspecting students. By employing fake names and personas, they seek to lure individuals into their web of deceit, only to exploit them for financial gain. Furthermore, when clients rightfully request a refund due to unsatisfactory service, EssayCastle resorts to blackmail, threatening to escalate the issue to the university level in an attempt to intimidate customers into silence. In essence, EssayCastle's customer care services are characterized by incompetence, deception, and coercion, creating a toxic and hostile environment for clients seeking assistance. Rather than upholding principles of professionalism and integrity, the company's representatives engage in reprehensible behavior that further erodes trust and confidence in their services. As a result, students in need of help are left stranded and unsupported, with nowhere to turn for reliable assistance.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

EssayCastle embodies the epitome of deceit and dishonesty in the realm of writing services. Despite presenting themselves as a reputable entity, they fall far short of meeting even the most basic standards of integrity and professionalism. The company's practices are rife with deception and exploitation, as they lure unsuspecting clients with false promises and subpar services. One of the most egregious aspects of EssayCastle's operations is their fraudulent behavior when it comes to pricing and quality. They charge exorbitant fees for their services, promising top-notch writing but delivering substandard and plagiarized work instead. Clients are left feeling cheated and disillusioned, having wasted their hard-earned money on services that fail to meet even the most basic requirements. EssayCastle's customer care system is woefully inadequate, providing little to no support or assistance to clients in need. Instead of addressing concerns and resolving issues in a timely and professional manner, their representatives are dismissive, unresponsive, and at times outright hostile. This lack of accountability only serves to exacerbate the frustration and dissatisfaction of clients, further tarnishing the company's already tarnished reputation. In addition to their deceitful practices and poor customer service, EssayCastle also misrepresents their location, claiming to be based in one location while actually operating from another. This blatant attempt to deceive clients speaks volumes about the company's lack of integrity and transparency. EssayCastle is a fraudulent and unethical company that preys on unsuspecting clients for financial gain. Their deceptive practices, poor quality of service, and lack of accountability make them a company to be avoided at all costs.

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Stay away from this company. They are cheaters and steal your money. They provide very poor service and when you tell them you want your refund back they do not give you money back. On their website says money back guaranteed but is a lie. Stay away from them.

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They asked for a 12-hour extension 2 hours before the deadline on an 8-hour paper. When I received the late paper, it was plagiarized, non-sensical, just absolutely terrible

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Essaycastle ask for a lot of money and what do they give you? a really bad assignment that has nothing do for what you ask for.

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Aya customer support team is unable to manage and maintain their performance. Their team-building is very weak, that’s why the customers are not happy with their performance.

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Essaycastle break trust by destroying the project. They claimed to refund the money if the order is not as per expectations and instructions. But later on, they refused to refund the money and blocked it from the website.

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