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Essaycorp is a writing company offering writing services. Their credibility is zero in writings as their main aim is making money by trading frauds. In the following, we are going to review this company.

Products And Services You’ll Find

They do not have a services page so your most time will spend on finding their services. They waste your quality time. Besides, it has been reported by past customers that this company writings are not up to standard marks.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

This company writers are not qualified. They cannot help you perfectly with your instruction. They can never handle your academic paper. It has been complained about by past customers that this company writings are plagiarized around 40 to 50%. They do not use Turnitin. They use some cheap software.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

Prices of this company are not beneficial f0r your pocket money because they will sweep all of your money for their cheap materials. Besides, their discounts can never help you as those are equal to a piece of nut. What is most serious about this company is its insecure payment method. They steal your debit card details and hack your account. So, kindly never use your debit card on this company site.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

It has been complained by past customers of this company, that customer care staff of them use fake names for approaching innocent students and then no help is given after order placement. In addition to this, they blackmail clients to contact university when they requested a refund.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

Essaycorp is a writing company which trade frauds. Their services are very cheap while they hack customer bank accounts. In case of any dispute, you cannot file a petition against them because their physical address of UK origin is not real. They exist in some far part of India. Therefore, we do not recommend this company.

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They never refund although first assignment had been written in another topic as requested and got 10 and second assignment got 20% twice. They only give you cheap solutions like discounts for future orders or features that do not matter. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE AND INFORM AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN. I am gonna step up legally against this fraudulent and amateur company because they keep fooling me with cheap solutions

Avatar female b3a4ff30c6b3c3f59140288226c61b1a339aaa35c90031d04140419d5fe47b1e


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, I have been struggling really badly with assignments. I took very a bad decision to trust the ready essay!! they are definitely not available 24/7 so that definitely false advertising!! now they haven't done my assignment nor are they responding to my emails or WhatsApp messages. I am very disappointed and I want a full refund! but there is no one to contact!! my assignment is due tomorrow and now I will fail my module which will affect my overall grade as I am in my final year! definitely don't recommend service!!

Avatar female b3a4ff30c6b3c3f59140288226c61b1a339aaa35c90031d04140419d5fe47b1e


I order 3 different essay, the qualities were very poor and lots of grammar error. I spend few days for rewrite those essays. We you trying to use this service, you have to think again. I really really do not recommend essaycorp company!!!!!!

Avatar female b3a4ff30c6b3c3f59140288226c61b1a339aaa35c90031d04140419d5fe47b1e


The charges of dissertation writing are not affordable for the students, the scam is quality is poor and prices are high. If you want any additional work they charge extra and never offer any package to the students.

Avatar female b3a4ff30c6b3c3f59140288226c61b1a339aaa35c90031d04140419d5fe47b1e


The essaycorp agency has a foolish writer’s team who are not serious with their profession. Their grammatical mistakes and spelling errors are highly evident in their poor qualification. They are not writing their own words rather copying from different sources.

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