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Essayhave purports to provide academic assistance to students, but the reality is far from their claims. Their purported key features, including a fake location address and fake agent names, paint a disturbing picture of deceit and dishonesty. These fraudulent practices undermine any trust customers may have had in the company, revealing their true intentions to deceive and exploit unsuspecting students. The writers affiliated with Essayhave are mere impostors, lacking the expertise and competence necessary to deliver quality academic work. Instead of upholding professional standards, they resort to plagiarism and substandard writing practices, leaving students disillusioned and academically compromised. Moreover, Essayhave has been implicated in blackmail and scamming activities, further tarnishing their already dubious reputation. Students who entrust their academic needs to Essayhave are left vulnerable to exploitation and manipulation, with little recourse for recourse or resolution. In light of these revelations, it is evident that Essayhave cannot be relied upon as a legitimate or trustworthy academic resource. As such, students are strongly advised to seek out reputable and ethical alternatives for their academic needs to avoid falling victim to Essayhave's deceitful practices.

Products And Services You’ll Find

Essayhave boasts an extensive range of services purportedly tailored to cater to the diverse academic needs of students. However, the reality behind their offerings paints a bleak picture of deceit and incompetence. Despite their claims to provide assistance with essays, assignments, dissertations, and research work across all academic levels, the quality of their services is sorely lacking. Many of the works they deliver are riddled with plagiarism, casting doubt on their integrity and commitment to academic honesty. Furthermore, their refusal to utilize reputable plagiarism detection tools like Turnitin suggests a blatant disregard for academic standards and ethics.Essayhave's abysmal customer service further compounds the issues plaguing their services. Instead of addressing legitimate concerns raised by dissatisfied customers, they resort to drastic measures such as contacting universities when requested for refunds. This heavy-handed approach not only reflects poorly on their professionalism but also raises serious ethical concerns regarding student privacy and confidentiality.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

Essayhave's claim to employ skilled and competent writers is quickly debunked upon closer scrutiny of their services. Instead of delivering high-quality papers that meet the specified requirements, their writers consistently fall short of expectations. These writers demonstrate a remarkable lack of proficiency in adhering to customer instructions, often failing to grasp the nuances of the assigned tasks. As a result, the papers they produce are riddled with errors, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies, rendering them virtually unusable for academic purposes.The qualifications and expertise of Essayhave's writers are highly questionable. Many of them lack the necessary credentials and academic background to tackle complex assignments effectively. Their inability to incorporate credible secondary sources into their work further undermines the credibility and academic integrity of the papers they produce. Additionally, their subpar command of the English language, evident in the poor grammar, syntax, and vocabulary used in their writing, only serves to exacerbate the quality issues plaguing their services. Given these glaring deficiencies in both the competence and professionalism of Essayhave's writers, it would be unwise for students to place their trust and academic success in the hands of this company. Instead of receiving the high-quality, well-researched papers they were promised, students are likely to be left with substandard work that fails to meet even the most basic academic standards. As such, it is advisable to steer clear of Essayhave and seek out more reputable and trustworthy alternatives for academic assistance.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

The pricing structure of this company is exorbitant and completely unaffordable for most students. Their inflated prices place their services out of reach for individuals operating on a limited budget, making it impossible for many to avail themselves of their purported assistance. Furthermore, even if one were to overlook the prohibitive costs and proceed with hiring them, the return on investment is abysmally poor. Despite charging exorbitant fees, the quality of their writing is subpar and fails to justify the exorbitant prices they demand. There are serious concerns regarding the security of payment methods employed by this company. Numerous reports and allegations suggest that they engage in fraudulent activities, including stealing clients' debit card details and subsequently hacking their accounts. Such egregious breaches of trust and violations of privacy pose a significant risk to unsuspecting customers, potentially resulting in financial losses and personal data breaches. Consequently, it is strongly advised against providing any sensitive financial information or utilizing debit card details on their website, as doing so could expose individuals to serious financial and security risks. It is evident that this company cannot be trusted with handling sensitive financial information or providing quality writing services. Students seeking academic assistance would be wise to steer clear of this company and explore more reputable and trustworthy alternatives that prioritize affordability, transparency, and security.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

When it comes to seeking assistance from this company, students are met with a myriad of deceitful tactics and unscrupulous practices that make obtaining help a daunting and frustrating endeavor. Firstly, the company's agents employ deceptive methods such as using fake names and Facebook profiles to lure unsuspecting students into their web of deceit. These agents feign friendliness and professionalism, promising top-notch assistance and support to entice students to avail themselves of their services. However, once students are ensnared in their trap and have made their commitment, the facade quickly fades away, revealing the true nature of this deceitful company. Rather than providing the much-needed help and support students expect, the company's agents leave them stranded and helpless, offering little to no assistance with their orders. Instead of addressing concerns or resolving issues, they resort to blackmail tactics, threatening to contact the university when students dare to request a refund for subpar or non-existent services. This reprehensible behavior demonstrates a complete disregard for ethical business practices and a blatant disregard for customer satisfaction. This company's approach to providing assistance is characterized by deception, manipulation, and coercion, making it nearly impossible for students to find genuine help when they need it most. As such, students should exercise extreme caution and avoid engaging with this company at all costs, lest they fall victim to its predatory practices and suffer the consequences of its unethical behavior.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

After a thorough examination of the operations and practices of Essayhave, it becomes abundantly clear that there is little to no redeeming quality to be found within this company. Instead, it is rife with deceit, incompetence, and fraudulent behavior, making it an entirely untrustworthy and unreliable entity in the realm of academic writing services. The company's track record is marred by numerous instances of fraud and deception, with countless students falling victim to their unscrupulous practices. From plagiarized and subpar writing services to a complete lack of customer support and recourse for refunds, Essayhave consistently fails to deliver on its promises and obligations to its clients. Instead of providing valuable assistance to students in need, the company preys on their vulnerabilities and exploits them for financial gain. The writings produced by Essayhave are of such poor quality that they are virtually unusable in an academic setting, putting students' academic success and integrity at risk. Essayhave does not merit any commendation or recommendation. Instead, it should be avoided at all costs, as engaging with this company is tantamount to inviting disappointment, frustration, and potential academic repercussions. Students seeking writing assistance would be wise to look elsewhere for reliable and reputable services that prioritize their academic success and well-being over profit and deceit.

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Poor quality, Over priced and wasn't delivered on time. I had to make like 10 calls for them to send the assignment. that too they didn't even apologized or sent me an e-mail. I high recommend not use service.

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The biggest problem of the essay I got was plagiarism. was almost completely copied and some of the citations were false. If I wanted to have an essay of such quality I could do it myself without paying to money for your service.

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You should avoid essayhave site. Very poor writing also high plagiarism. I got F for that assignment.

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Victoria is not usable because they do not show any satisfactory results by performing well.

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Essayhave are their own bosses and misguide the audience by presenting them with low-quality paper. They are not focusing the grammatical mistakes and formatting style as instructed while placing order.

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