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8 users dislike it is notorious among students for its deceptive practices and fraudulent behavior. Despite claiming to offer original writing services, they often resell papers to multiple clients, leading to issues of plagiarism and academic dishonesty. Additionally, their pricing is exorbitant, exploiting students who are seeking affordable academic assistance. The quality of work produced by's writers is consistently poor, lacking depth, coherence, and originality. Engaging their services poses a significant risk to students, as their subpar work can have severe consequences on academic performance. By exploiting the trust of students and providing substandard services in return for high fees, demonstrates a blatant disregard for academic integrity and ethical standards. This review aims to expose their unethical business practices and warn potential customers about the risks associated with using their services. It is imperative for students to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before entrusting their academic assignments to companies like, which prioritize profit over the educational well-being of their clients.

Products And Services You’ll Find is a fraudulent platform that promises a variety of products and services but fails to deliver on its claims. Despite advertising a range of services, including medical writing, their offerings are nothing more than scams designed to deceive unsuspecting students. The company's practices are deceptive, as they promise original essays and high-quality content but consistently fail to fulfill these promises. Instead of providing genuine academic assistance, exploits students' trust and financial resources, offering substandard work that does not meet academic standards. Their lack of integrity is evident in their business model, which prioritizes profit over the educational needs of their clients. Overall, we strongly advise against using, as their unethical practices and poor-quality services pose a significant risk to students' academic success and integrity. It is essential for students to beware of such deceptive companies and seek reputable and reliable sources for their academic needs.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

The credibility of the writing services offered by this company is highly questionable, as evidenced by several concerning factors. Firstly, the lack of transparency regarding writer experience raises doubts about the quality of their work. Without genuine proof of writers' qualifications and expertise, there is no guarantee that the essays produced will meet academic standards or fulfill the requirements of students. Additionally, the absence of discounts or financial incentives for customers further diminishes the appeal of this service, as students are required to pay the full price without any potential cost-saving benefits. Moreover, the use of a fake physical address undermines the company's reliability and integrity, suggesting that they may engage in deceptive practices or lack accountability. Given these significant shortcomings and red flags, we strongly advise against using this composing company. Students seeking reliable and reputable writing assistance should explore alternative options to avoid potential disappointment and negative academic consequences.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

The lack of transparency and consistency in pricing at this corporation is deeply concerning and indicative of dubious business practices. By operating without a clear pricing page and instead relying on negotiating plans akin to a market, they are essentially leaving customers in the dark about the true cost of their services. This lack of upfront pricing information can lead to unpredictability and potential exploitation, as customers may end up being charged exorbitant fees based on subjective factors such as their perceived efficiency. Furthermore, the absence of a standardized pricing structure undermines trust and integrity, as it suggests that prices may be arbitrary and subject to manipulation. Overall, this pricing model reflects a lack of respect for customers and raises serious questions about the company's commitment to fairness and transparency. As a result, customers should approach this corporation with caution and be wary of potentially inflated costs and hidden fees.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

The absence of a dedicated customer support page on the corporation's website is deeply troubling and indicative of a lack of commitment to customer service. In today's competitive business landscape, reliable and accessible customer support is essential for addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and providing assistance when needed. However, by failing to provide customers with a clear avenue for seeking help or support, this corporation demonstrates a disregard for the concerns and needs of its clientele. This lack of transparency and accessibility can leave customers feeling frustrated, helpless, and abandoned when they encounter difficulties or require assistance with the corporation's products or services. Additionally, the absence of a customer support page suggests a lack of accountability and professionalism, as it prevents customers from easily reaching out to the corporation for help or clarification. Overall, the lack of a customer support page reflects poorly on the corporation's commitment to customer satisfaction and raises serious doubts about its reliability and trustworthiness as a service provider. Customers should proceed with caution when dealing with a corporation that fails to prioritize customer support and assistance.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly presents a facade of legitimacy, but beneath the surface lies a web of deceit and malpractice. Their claim to operate from the UK is a sham, as investigations reveal they actually function from a remote location in India. This deceptive tactic is indicative of their lack of integrity and transparency. Furthermore, their appalling customer service tactics involve resorting to threats when customers rightfully demand refunds for subpar services. Instead of addressing grievances professionally, they resort to intimidation, displaying a complete disregard for customer rights and satisfaction. This behavior is not only unethical but also illegal in many jurisdictions. As such, it's evident that prioritizes profit over principles, exploiting unsuspecting students for financial gain. Their business practices are reprehensible, and their disregard for customer welfare is appalling. Students seeking academic assistance should steer clear of this unscrupulous company to avoid falling victim to their deceptive schemes and poor service quality. In conclusion, epitomizes the epitome of everything wrong with the online writing industry, embodying the dark side of capitalism where greed triumphs over ethics and integrity.

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Parker gave me f's on paper and wouldn't refund anything. The paper had grammatical errors, spelling errors, and incorrect content. I did not have time to check the pape myself as they failed the deadline. Lesson learned. Write your own papers. They say their writers have done graduate-level work when they can't even do MLA or APA format right.

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All they care about is the money. don’t care about customers. Bad business.

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I am too much disappointed by the kind of services that I received. The assignment completed by the experts was provided to me after the date of my actual submission of the assignment. Would not recommend to essaypro site to anyone.

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I have had a few essays written by this company. only one mark was satisfied -55% (even though i paid for a much higher mark! the rest majority of the work I got 38s grades. please do not waste your money!

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While the pricing of essaypro was legit, the quality of their paper was just okay. Luckily, it was a school project so I could work with it. However, I think I will not return to them if I get a difficult project.

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