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This company is an epitome of unreliability and untrustworthiness, making it a perilous choice for anyone seeking academic assistance. Their track record is marred by a litany of failures: they consistently flout instructions, demonstrating a blatant disregard for the requirements laid out by their clients. Moreover, their work is riddled with inaccuracies, showcasing a startling lack of attention to detail that renders their output practically unusable. Meeting deadlines seems to be an insurmountable challenge for them, as they habitually fail to deliver work on time, leaving customers in the lurch and scrambling for alternatives. Entrusting them with your personal information is akin to playing Russian roulette with your privacy; there are no guarantees that your sensitive data will be handled securely. In light of these egregious shortcomings, it would be prudent for prospective clients to steer clear of this company at all costs. The risks far outweigh any potential benefits, making it imperative to seek assistance elsewhere to avoid the inevitable disappointment and frustration that accompanies dealing with such an unreliable entity.

Products And Services You’ll Find boasts about offering a wide array of services, but their claims are dubious at best. Despite their purported range of offerings, the absence of experienced authors raises serious doubts about the quality and authenticity of their services. It seems that these claims are merely a facade to deceive unsuspecting customers. This lack of transparency speaks volumes about the company's integrity and reliability. Moreover, there are concerning reports that delivers resold writings, further diminishing their credibility. Such unethical practices not only betray the trust of their customers but also highlight the company's disregard for academic integrity. By peddling recycled content as original work, demonstrates a blatant disregard for the academic standards and undermines the trust of their clientele. Overall, the lack of genuine expertise and the prevalence of unethical practices make an unreliable and untrustworthy option for students seeking academic assistance.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

Amidst the plethora of writing services available worldwide, there exist numerous companies catering to students' academic needs. However, a significant portion of these entities fails to provide even the most basic information about their operations, casting doubt on their credibility. Take, for instance, the absence of any mention of the writers or employees responsible for handling clients' projects. This lack of transparency leaves customers in the dark regarding the expertise and qualifications of the individuals entrusted with their assignments, leading to uncertainty about the maintenance of quality standards. Speaking of quality, one would expect the standard of content to be paramount for any reputable service. Unfortunately, in the case of these writing services, assessing the quality of their work is made challenging by cluttered and disorganized websites. The overwhelming amount of information crammed onto a single page without proper headings or divisions only serves to confuse and frustrate visitors. Sample methodologies, instead of providing clarity, inundate readers with excessive data, giving the impression that the company prioritizes quantity over substance, further eroding trust in their abilities to deliver satisfactory results.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods's pricing strategy is exorbitant, leaving customers stunned by the high costs coupled with dismal quality of work. Charging a staggering $300 for a mere 10-page essay, they exhibit a blatant disregard for affordability. This pricing scheme is far beyond what other companies offer, making an economically unviable option for students seeking academic assistance. Moreover, the discrepancy between the exorbitant prices and the subpar quality of their compositions further exacerbates the issue, leaving customers feeling cheated and dissatisfied. The exorbitant pricing not only places undue financial strain on students but also fails to reflect the value provided by the company. Additionally, lacks transparency in their payment methods, further adding to the overall negative experience. With such exorbitant prices and questionable payment practices, it's evident that prioritizes profit over customer satisfaction, making them an unwise choice for students seeking academic assistance.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily? operates under the guise of providing assistance to students, but in reality, it's nothing more than a scam. Their so-called "customer support" is virtually nonexistent, with little to no assistance provided when needed. Instead of genuine support, they resort to deceptive tactics, using fake Facebook accounts to lure unsuspecting students into placing orders. However, once you've fallen into their trap, you'll quickly realize that their promises are empty and their services are far from satisfactory. demonstrates a blatant disregard for customer privacy by reselling articles, exposing sensitive information without consent. Entrusting them with your writing needs is a grave mistake that could have serious consequences. When a company fails to prioritize customer privacy and resorts to deceitful practices, it's a clear indication that they cannot be trusted. In conclusion, is not a reliable source for academic assistance, and students should steer clear to avoid falling victim to their scams.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly presents itself as a writing service offering unique solutions at affordable rates, but the reality couldn't be further from the truth. Their services lack innovation and originality, often delivering subpar results that fail to meet even the most basic standards. Despite claiming to offer competitive rates, their pricing structure is far from transparent, with hidden fees and additional charges cropping up unexpectedly. Moreover, operates under a veil of deceit, using fake addresses and phone numbers to evade legal scrutiny and accountability. This lack of transparency makes it virtually impossible for dissatisfied customers to seek recourse or pursue legal action against the company. Adding insult to injury, resorts to intimidation tactics, threatening to involve universities when customers raise complaints or demand refunds. Such unscrupulous behavior is indicative of a company that prioritizes its own interests over those of its customers. In light of these egregious practices, it's clear that is not to be trusted or recommended under any circumstances.

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I got 30% out of 100%. Half of the things were confusing and there were grammar mistakes. I said before that I was Spanish studying in the UK, so wouldn't use unusual words, and there was a lot of sentences that they realized I didn't write it.

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Avoid this company at costs. Trust me, It's not worth the money. I had a number of issues with them. They tried to overcharge and the work is simply a copy and paste job. I believe most of the reviews are fake.

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Everything about the essays site is a scam. They have an incompetent writer. My paper was plagiarized. 100% plagiarism was detected from my paper. I was expelled from the course. They almost ruin my life. Please do not patronize them. They have nothing I repeat NOTHING to offer. Do not be a victim like me.

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I have asked for a document without primary data after being treated highly unrespected, the writer informed the topic didn't have many secondary data and created a document with fake primary data. When I requested a revision of the work, the customer service team suggested a new work with charges. Do not ever try this service, you will regret!!! Almost £500 in the bin.

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I had many disappointed experiences with essays most of the work came back with many spelling mistakes and non- sense phrase. I had to fix all the work again and even tough got low marks for it.

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