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Like several frauds services, one name is realized as This is a cheating firm because they utilize the illicit address of the UK while functioning from some remote region of India. In addition to this, they don’t care for pupils' secrecy. We are going to review them.

Products And Services You’ll Find tells that students will never dishearten by our services. But students will moan after using their services. They don’t craft manuscripts in various styles such as MLA or APA. Also, no proficiency of the different kinds of essays they possess. So, never buy anything from them.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products is a scams business not valuable for students in terms of the economy. This is a safe site but past consumers reports indicate that they hack pupils' cards and steal all of the money. Therefore, don’t depend on them.

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Another loophole is that they are costly in prices as well. There are two sorts of prices schemes, such as basic and premium having $15 for a single page and $25 for a single page, respectively. Our analysis says that this is not a reasonable price for students who are also paying high fees at universities.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

Consumer care services of is also unbelievable because before order they reach you via live chat option but after order placement the live chat block you and you cannot reach them. You cannot also take them to tribunal because they are not legally working.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly is not legally operating because their enrolment number is not accessible while regulating illegally from some distant region of India. Moreover, they don’t provide a paper on time which means that your assignment submission date will be ended. We don’t recommend them.

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There are several grammatical mistakes and too many simple sentences. is a Fraud Company.

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Cheaters!!!! I got 25 in my coursework. And i was the only one who failed in the course. Worst is that they told me it is not our responsibility to pay your money bank. asked me that if the coursework was bad then why did you submit it????

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Essayschief scammed me out of my $300, I'll never use them again. The assignment they delivered to me received a D grade.

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It is a pure scam. They pretend that they are able to write academic assignments but in fact, they are writing only poor high school essay. This website is not for academic purposes. For 300 quid I had to find all the data for the assignment which they didn't bother to use. I had to send it for revision lots of times and still didn't got what I asked for. When I asked for a refund, they offered to give me only 3%. Don't waste your money and time. Grammatical and structural errors, had to correct them in every paragraph. 300 quid...

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Essayschief is a fraudulent company!!!! I sent them a very detailed and descriptive plan for the essay and they came back to me 3 hours later asking for an extra £500 because they would need to write more. I then said to them that this isn’t the case and they then confirmed that they would be able to do it. Then 2 hours pass and they contact me asking for an extension which would be one hour before my assignment is due which is the position I am in now. Waiting for them to respond to my numerous messages asking them where the essay is. Really terrible service. And I urge anyone who is looking to use this website to look else where. They are nothing but liars and they just want your money. If you want to use an essayschief service do your research first and READ THE REVIEWS.

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