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If you are curious to be betrayed, you can hire as your dissertation helper. They will charge you high while providing poor quality work. To disclose their reality we are presenting this review.

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To provide A1 quality services is not a goal of all corporations.'s central motive is earning wealth so don’t predict good quality dissertations from them. They know that customers never come again for purchasing so they deliver resold papers. Also, there are many blunders in their work.

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Despite asserting 5%, which is already comparable to salt in flour, after order placement they say that your discount code has been expired. Subsequently the Quality of writing another significant thing is the protection of your monetary details because if the website is not secure your bank account is at risk. It can be hacked.'s website is not secure.

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Pricing is also a matter of trouble because of the fake business of For the reason that they know their corruption they just earn money via fixing high rates. The 10-page writing is sold for 250 dollars which does not make sense, so ignore them at all cost.

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When you have not placed an order and visited their site, the team they have employed very respectful and sympathetic language but as soon as you place an order their behaviour get altered and they converse in a disgusting way. Furthermore, they threaten customers to call the university when asking for a refund.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly scams are not concealed from anyone. Therefore no one believes them. Their site is not enrolled with any government so in case they dispute with you, you cannot take them to court. Furthermore, their delivery is often delayed and the website is not secure. So never buy anything from them. We don’t recommend them.

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It is the company's responsibility to build-up trust in customers by giving them reliable services. The company fails to satisfy their clients because they are doing fraud.

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I requested a paper and when it was delivered the questions were answered incorrectly. I asked for a revision which was returned late and the answers were still wrong. I asked for the order to be stopped and asked for a refund as at this point the paper was 7 days late and they are refusing to return my money. I have an incorrect paper, they’ve taken my money and their customer service team is horrible. According to their team the paper meets their standards. They are completely disregarding my revision requests to correct the answers or give me a refund. It’s been a very frustrating experience. I wouldn’t recommend this service to anyone.

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I do not recommend this essaysheaven service. They are expensive and the writers are not as good as they say. I got a C for my essay.

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Plagiarism, grammatical and structural errors, late, no refund. Avoid like this site. My paper was delivered late with factual errors, plagiarised sentences, poor grammar and verbose styling. After 4 attempts, the paper barely improved.It was so bad, I had to re-write the whole thing from scratch. After detailed feedback, I was offered no refund.

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Hello. Could anyone who had the same bad experiences with essaysheaven contact please. The idea is to take legal steps against this obviously fraudulent company which seems to have messed it up for quite some people.

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