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8 users dislike it's name indicates they claim that they are helping and assisting students in their academic writing but we found that what they mentioned is not true. They are creating a fool of their customers. our review will show how they do that.

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A services list they mentioned contain

  • Essay writing
  • Thesis
  • Research paper
  • Lab reports
  • Dissertation
  • Term papers
  • Articles
  • Proposal writing etc.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

George was one of their ex-client. He shares his experience with He says that the quality of service which they provide is low. I have got my paper two days after the deadline. Half of which was plagiarized and the other looks like a Google translate from another language.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

They are charging 30$ per page of standard writing. They also add some additional charges which you will never know why they charge you extra. If you ask them they will never explain that to you. Some of their client complains that they got nothing after submitting the fees and they got blocked by the website. They show some discount packages but it will never help you in real.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily? is here not to help you but to scam you they aren’t showing detail of their writers when asked for a refund they threatened to contact the university agent of this website use fake names they don’t do revision after submission.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

They use fake UK addresses while they exist in the remote part of Bangladesh. Their writings are fabricated. They advertise themselves as only having oxford and Cambridge grades working for them but we found that most of their writers are overseas and aren’t qualified. They don't use Turnitin they use some cheap software. we aren’t not recommending

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I ordered a paper from with a two-day deadline and I got it after a week. The support staff was unavailable during this period and the paper I received later was full of mistakes. There was even some plagiarized content.

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Zander isn't reliable. They're creating fools of their customers and not finishing orders on projected time. They're providing less range of words however whereas inserting their potency to grant assignment as expectations were high. They're not maintaining confidentiality of their shopper.

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Getacademichelp is not giving any discounts. This is often the simplest strategy to entice your client by spoken communication to get a reduction. This is often a money-making company with an associated intention to spoil customers’ future career.

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This pathetic assignment writing service has the worst customer support of all. don’t know how to talk to their customers!

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Getacademichelp is too expensive for a paper that is written so poorly! They made no research, just rewrote the first text they found online. And was charged $200 for a 5 page paper! It didn't even get me a B!

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