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Working with will get you grades but that’s not will be high because it is totally a scam. Agent of this website uses fake names. Their address is also fake this is not a UK-based company actually they exist in a remote part of India.

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A services list they mentioned contain

  • Essay writing
  • Thesis
  • Research paper
  • Lab reports
  • Dissertation
  • Term papers
  • Articles
  • Proposal writing etc.

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Miss Ruth say that the final draft of my Ph.D. thesis was full of spelling mistakes. has missed up with my original data and I have to redo it for myself.

Their writers aren’t qualified. they don’t use Turnitin they use some cheap software, they don’t do revision after submissions.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods doesn’t mention any price list .you have to discuss it with their agent during submission of the order. they add some secret charges to the total which they don’t mention. they are extremely costly for the students. even at that high price, they will provide you nothing more than garbage. They don’t care about their clients pockets that are why they don’t mention any discount.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily? customer service is unreliable. their employees don’t understand and resolve the queries and problems of their clients. They aren’t giving any information about their writers. they will never respond after submission of the order and if you ask for a refund they will threaten to contact the university.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly pretend to be a luxury and professional website but in reality, they are far away from professionalism. Most of their works are copy-paste material. The samples of their writing mention on their website consist of stuff from old books. they will tell you many things on call but will not fulfill any of them in reality.

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Don't trust! they are cheating students for money! they never offered what they promised. And those papers are sent to students repeatedly. And they shirk responsibility after taking the money! The service was terrible!

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The final draft of my PhD thesis was still full of spelling mistakes, have missed up with my original data and I have to redo and adjust most of them again. Customer service was unreliable.

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Getgrades can only boast about “high-quality” assignments. In reality, the assignments that they provide are nothing more than garbage!

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Angela pretend to be a luxury website but they don't know how to do luxury online. Yes, they provide a super pleasant customer support an promise to use their own library for research. Unfortunately, their library mostly consists of old books that offer an outdated information.

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Hi everyone, please don't waste your time on this getgrades site. They have the ridiculous and nonsensical policies to implement to fool their customers. They will tell you many things on call, but will not fulfill any of it in reality. They are just bunch of frauds!

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