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8 users dislike it operates under the guise of legitimacy but is nothing more than a fraudulent entity preying on unsuspecting students. Despite claiming to be based in the UK, they resort to deceptive tactics by providing a fake physical address while conducting their operations from an undisclosed location, possibly in a remote area of India. This blatant falsehood is indicative of their lack of transparency and integrity. Students seeking academic assistance are drawn to's promises of quality service and reliable support, only to be sorely disappointed and deceived. Their modus operandi revolves around exploiting the academic vulnerabilities of students, offering substandard work riddled with errors and plagiarism. Moreover, their customer service is notoriously unresponsive and unhelpful, leaving customers stranded with unresolved issues and concerns.'s unethical practices extend to their pricing structure, which often entails exorbitant fees for shoddy work. Students are left feeling cheated and disillusioned, with their academic integrity compromised and their trust betrayed. In light of these egregious transgressions, it is imperative to expose for what it truly is—a deceitful and exploitative entity that preys on the educational aspirations of students.

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Despite their purported expertise in offering a wide range of writing services, the reality is that their specialization lies primarily in essay writing. However, their incompetence becomes glaringly evident when it comes to adhering to specific formatting styles such as MLA or APA. Students who entrust their assignments to them often find themselves at a disadvantage, as the lack of proficiency in these fundamental formatting standards leads to subpar quality work. As a result, the grades of students who rely on their services are adversely impacted, with their academic performance suffering as a consequence. This failure to meet basic academic standards underscores their unreliability and incompetence, casting doubt on their ability to deliver satisfactory outcomes. In essence, while they may claim to offer comprehensive writing assistance, their inability to master essential formatting styles renders their services ineffective and unsuitable for students seeking quality academic support.

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The quality of writing provided by this company is abysmal and highly disappointing. Despite their claims, the writers they employ demonstrate a lack of capability in producing original and authentic content. Instead of conducting thorough research and crafting unique pieces, they resort to plagiarism, blatantly copying content from unreliable and unverified sources across the internet. Moreover, their failure to utilize plagiarism detection tools like Turnitin further exacerbates the issue, allowing them to get away with their deceitful practices undetected. Instead of investing in reputable software to ensure the integrity of their work, they opt for cheap alternatives, highlighting their disregard for academic standards and ethical writing practices. As a result, students who rely on their services are left with substandard and plagiarized content that not only jeopardizes their academic integrity but also puts their grades and future prospects at risk. In light of these unethical practices and poor quality of writing, it is evident that this company cannot be trusted to deliver satisfactory outcomes, and students would be wise to seek assistance elsewhere.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods fails to meet the expectations of many students, especially when it comes to pricing. Their pricing structure, divided into Basic and Premium packages, proves to be exorbitant and unaffordable for most individuals seeking academic assistance. With Basic packages charging a hefty fee of 25 dollars per page and Premium packages demanding even more at 30 dollars per page, students are left grappling with the financial burden of availing their services. The lack of flexibility in pricing options further adds to the dissatisfaction, as there are no budget-friendly alternatives available to accommodate students with limited financial resources. This pricing disparity reflects a clear disregard for the economic constraints faced by many students, making it evident that prioritizes profit over providing accessible and affordable academic support. As a result, students are compelled to seek alternatives that offer more reasonable pricing structures, as the cost associated with's services outweighs any potential benefits they may offer.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?, despite claiming to prioritize customer satisfaction, severely lacks in its customer care services, further deteriorating its reputation among students seeking academic assistance. The support team at is notorious for employing disrespectful and offensive language when interacting with clients, demonstrating a blatant disregard for professionalism and basic courtesy. Instead of addressing concerns and inquiries with empathy and understanding, they resort to insulting and belittling customers, creating a hostile and unwelcoming environment for those seeking assistance. Furthermore, rather than accommodating reasonable requests for revisions or refunds, the support team resorts to coercion and intimidation tactics, threatening clients with consequences such as contacting their university if they persist in seeking refunds. This unethical behavior not only erodes trust and confidence in the company but also violates basic principles of customer service ethics. As a result, students are strongly advised to steer clear of and seek academic assistance from more reputable and respectful sources.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly presents itself as a deceitful and unethical writing service that thrives on exploiting unsuspecting students desperate for academic assistance. Despite their promises of providing high-quality assignments, the reality is far from satisfactory. Students who engage with often find themselves on the receiving end of plagiarized work, riddled with unoriginal content that fails to meet even the most basic academic standards. Moreover, the exorbitant rates charged by for their subpar services only add insult to injury, further exacerbating the financial burden on already cash-strapped students. With a track record marred by deception and dishonesty, it would be unwise for any discerning student to consider availing themselves of the services offered by In light of their blatant disregard for academic integrity and their exploitative practices, it is imperative that students exercise caution and seek academic assistance from more reputable and trustworthy sources. Ultimately, engaging with is tantamount to inviting disappointment, frustration, and academic peril.

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A pure fraud You need know all they are talking about are useless. Myperfectwords cannot do your assignment and don't pay them.

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I have used the services of Their services were extremely bad and I ended up with a horrible essay. Ultimately, I had to sit down and write the entire subject by myself. If you ask me is dissertation mall legit? I will say no, I don’t think so.

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We lost trust during this myperfectwords company and it is recommended not to use these varieties of services. They're unable to meet all the necessities. They never refund the installments.

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