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I paid 185.80$ dollars for bad essay, I tried this website once, and I will never do it again, never again. I don't recommend it at all.

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Very elaborate scam to mislead people into buying by creating a fake reviews site. Quality was very poor, most likely written by someone in India.

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Perfectdissertation are unable to create their performance reliable and a lot of refined. That’s why the purchasers are unable to make their trust. The writers aren't adept enough to ascertain a decent relationship with the purchasers.

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Abdullah company treats writers as if they are slaves. You do 15 orders for free for upgrade of which they receive payment for the orders. Additionally, they tell you to get upgrades you have to work on 150 pages at a CPP of $2 per page while the company charges $20. Something wrong? As if they are not done, they are closing all accounts on the basis of security while they cannot clearly specify which security detail has been breached. This account is advocating for modern day slavery.They have no stable cpp and writers have to undercut each other in the quest to be assigned orders. I would never want, I would never dare dream, I would not even desire to be affiliated to such a website

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Perfectdissertation are terrible! I paid for 2 assessments to be done both of them weren't completed and I had written half of one for them, they "fixed" the second one 4 times after I had told them repeatedly that they had left out over half of the assessment! Now waiting on a refund for only 1 assessment they don't even have the decency to offer me a refund for both of the incomplete assessments seriously do not use these guys, if I could give anyone advice do the homework yourself it's not worth the added stress these guys give you! Seriously ticked off and stressed out.

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