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These days, writing a good resume is not only about how fast you do it but also how well. The corporate world is very competitive and it is simply preposterous to just copy and paste whatever you can find as your experience and skills in a standard template.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

Resume planet made it easy for you to check the quality of documents being produced by this platform as they provided a sample section on their official website. If you check these samples you would discover that most of their products are below average. There are so many syntax errors and spelling mistakes you see.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

On the issue of pricing, most people often think that resume services should be costly. But that is not supposed to be the case, resume services should be made affordable and also they should be quality, but it is a very bad deal because they deliver very low services and they often give a lot of guarantees which they don't fulfill.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

The worst segment of this platform has to be its bad customer services. The customer care lines are only available to customers from the United States and the UK, which makes individuals from other parts of the world unable to use this service.

They also have a live chat where they claim they can solve a problem in less than a minute but there are so many reviews of people who have been left unanswered for days. They have no regard for their customer and they do not care about their customers' welfare. There’s also a FAQ section available and this is equally bad.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

I really do not have anything good to say about this platform. All I can say is abstain from this platform because they render terrible services.

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Absolutely awful! I provided the writer with the reading and instructions on the paper. I even included a powerpoint presentation I had made with my group to make it easier for the writer. I receive a report that is absolutely not professionally written.

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The team of are rude and not qualified as mentioned in their bio. They never behave professionally and immature attitudes are their major weakness. The service they mentioned on their website “best writers of your choice writer” is fake, once you choose an author on your own they rejected by providing lame excuses.

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Complain to the police, action fraud, trading standards and sue them. Resumesplanet work (garbage is a better term to use) probably was written by someone who managed to pass third grade with a lot of difficulty. failed failed failed again and gave up…

Avatar female b3a4ff30c6b3c3f59140288226c61b1a339aaa35c90031d04140419d5fe47b1e


I used to work as a freelance writer for and have to say that they often overcharge their clients and yet pay so little to their writers. It is a lie when they claim that they pay £50 per 1000 words. Their website is full of false claims. I would never recommend working for this company.

Avatar female b3a4ff30c6b3c3f59140288226c61b1a339aaa35c90031d04140419d5fe47b1e


Failed to provide me with what i asked 2 times and they dont reply on emails after i complaint DO NOT USE this resumesplanet is a SCAM and the good comments are being payed to be posted form online service.

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