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8 users dislike it boldly asserts itself as the go-to professional writing service for every student, claiming that their hired writers guarantee high grades. However, this grandiose proclamation seems nothing more than a deceptive ploy to attract clients. Reports and user experiences tell a different story, revealing that the promised high grades are far from the reality of working with The dubious claim of professionalism is further compounded by suspicions surrounding the authenticity of their provided address. The mention of a location may create an illusion of legitimacy, but investigations suggest the possibility of a fake address, raising questions about the transparency and honesty of Students should exercise extreme caution when considering this service, as the apparent discrepancy between their claims and actual outcomes, coupled with the potential use of a fake address, undermines any trustworthiness might purport to have.

Products And Services You’ll Find falls woefully short in the basic and crucial aspect of delivering orders on time, a fundamental expectation for any academic writing service. Their list of services, including articles, Ebook writing, rewrite contents, poetry and lyrics, and content composing services, lacks clarity and specificity, leaving customers in the dark about the extent of their expertise. This intentional vagueness raises suspicions about the company's actual capabilities and specialization. The broad claims seem more like a deceptive attempt to lure in unsuspecting students rather than providing transparent information about their offerings.'s practices not only undermine their credibility but also suggest a willingness to exploit pupils by making hollow promises and delivering subpar services. Students seeking reliable and punctual assistance should steer clear of this service, as the apparent lack of transparency and failure to meet basic deadlines make a dubious choice for academic support.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

Mr. David's experience with paints a grim picture of the company's competence. According to his testimony, the so-called professional writers at lack the proficiency needed to tackle English assignment papers. The solution he received not only fell short of the expected flair but was riddled with numerous grammatical mistakes, exposing a shocking lack of basic language proficiency. This revelation calls into question the company's claim to provide high-quality academic solutions and suggests a worrisome disregard for the most fundamental aspects of writing. Students considering for their English assignments should think twice, as Mr. David's experience highlights the potential for subpar work and an overall lack of competence in fulfilling basic academic requirements.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods stands out as a well-organized fraud, displaying a blatant disregard for the financial concerns of its clients. The lack of transparent pricing lists on their website is a clear red flag, forcing customers into discussions with agents at the time of placing orders. However, this seemingly secretive process is nothing more than a smokescreen for the company's deceptive practices. Clients are in for a rude awakening when the actual price significantly exceeds the discussed amount, thanks to's underhanded tactic of imposing hidden charges under the guise of secrecy. The promised discounts turn out to be nothing more than a sham, adding another layer to the deceit. Moreover, the payment methods showcased by raise eyebrows, as they are reported to be illegal, further compromising the trustworthiness of the service. Students should approach with extreme caution, considering the reported financial manipulation and fraudulent practices that seem to define their business model.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily? appears to adopt a deceptive and neglectful approach towards its clients. While they may offer assistance before an order is placed, their commitment to customer support takes a nosedive once the order is confirmed. Post-order, clients are left in the dark, struggling to get any response from the elusive agents. The company's blatant disregard for the delivery dates adds another layer of incompetence, leaving clients in a perpetual state of uncertainty. Adding to the murkiness,'s agents allegedly resort to using fake names, further eroding any semblance of transparency and trust. The claim of being located in the UK is also thrown into question, with reports suggesting that they operate from a remote part of India, potentially using fake addresses to mask their true location. The overall picture painted by is one of dubious customer service, neglectful communication, and a questionable corporate identity, making it an untrustworthy choice for those seeking reliable academic assistance.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly fails to meet even the most basic standards expected from a writing service. The quality of their work is subpar, reflecting a lack of professionalism and competency. The use of non-standard English in their writing raises questions about the qualifications of the purported writers. Instead of employing reputable plagiarism-detection tools like Turnitin, opts for cheaper alternatives, suggesting a disregard for originality and academic integrity. The assignments they deliver are characterized by a lack of structure and coherence, with topics that seem to lack any meaningful context. Given the evident shortcomings in their service, it would be unwise to recommend to anyone seeking reliable academic assistance. Furthermore, the alarming practice of contacting universities when clients request a refund adds another layer of unprofessionalism, making an unreliable and potentially harmful option for students.

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Studybay company is not providing customer support and they are doing fraud with its customers. The money-making approach is one of the barriers to success for any organization. They are spam and spoiling your future.

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They are not pocket-friendly for you. Studybay are just doing a business that is why not focusing on product quality. They are not fair with their commitments and poorly affect your future.

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They've got the rudest service ever. Studybay all are acting out like I owe something to them. Not the best way to speak with your customers.

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