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Topacademictutors is scam firm. its agents use fake Facebook and Whatsapp profile for approaching students. They talk sweetly to trap you. Moreover, they do not have any physical address which means that they are working illegally. Here, we are going to review them.

Products And Services You’ll Find

They claim to offer all type of services. But it is not true. Their services are limited which are also worst in quality. They only loot your hard-earned money. So, do not try to waste your quality time and money 0 on them.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

Writers are a basic and important asset of any writing firm. if they are bad, nothing else can help you. Topacademictutors writers are not qualified and native English speakers. Their writings are worst than high school students. Moreover, the firm does not use Turnitin for plagiarism checking. They use some cheap software.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

They do not have any calculated pricing system. Their system based on bidding. After order placement, the writers will bid on it. It is always an expensive system because almost all writers set high prices. So, be careful when dealing with them. They also do not have any discount scheme and payment method on their site.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

They do not help customers. their only goal; is looting customers. They are blackmailers because they threaten customers to approach their university if they ask for a refund. So, do not try to use them.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

All aspect of this company is bad. Topacademic tutors are scam firm who loot you for fake services. We do not recommend them. you should find some other and best firm that may help you better with your writing needs.

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Do not waste your time and money with those unprofessional people. Their level of academic English is substandard.


The product they are delivering is very disappointing. The paper has no research-based shreds of evidence to show its authenticity. Their quality of service leads you to get low grades. They deny their customers’ direction which they provide them for paper. They don’t work with pure intentions and it is highly disheartening for you to spoil your career with such spam company.

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This is highly rejected company. You should be careful about your future and choose the right option for your resume writing.

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The service quality of company is very shocking. They designed it for your future but in reality they are making you fool and playing with your career.

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Do not trust this company and as a matter of fact do not trust any company that has topacademictutors as a domain name as all of them are run by the Scammers.

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Don't even try the free version. The entire essay was word for word copied from Wikipedia. I have not tried for a payed paper, but I cna't imagine the results are much better. Not worth your time. Stay away this site.

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This Topacademictutors company is horrible, they can do simple essays but anything above high school level is a joke. the quality is horrible and the writers don't even look at the information you give them to write about. the customer service is also a joke. they are way overpriced with writers that do not have the experience or degrees to efficiently write a good paper.

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