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The customers are not satisfied with the work that the writers of deliver. The sentence structure of the content is sometimes incorrect. The text of the assignments is not original, you will also find grammatical mistakes. is unable to provide quality work.

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They don’t show any service list on their home page. They are not capable of producing the best writings because their writers are not qualified. They also use fake UK addresses. They exist in the remote part of Nepal. They don’t use Turnitin they use some cheap software. They don’t do revision after submission.

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Mr. Jacob shares his experience with us. He says that submits my assignment even after the deadline. They are so-called tutors which they can’t even contact. In the end they just block me. I was so frustrated because of them. They even give me false commitments such as it will be ready in 2 hours.

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They only work for money, whatever assignment without reading any description, they quote the value and ask you to pay. Their prices are extremely high. Even at that high price, they will provide you with rubbish writing. They are not trustworthy. Sometimes they will charge and will block you. It means you will spend money in return for nothing.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily? has the worst customer service ever. They don’t reply to you when you go with issues. But at the time of payment, they keep calling and texting you. They don’t have any refunded policy. Don’t waste your time with them.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly is not working on what they claim. is not trustworthy. We are not recommending

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No format, no references, no table of content and a number of excuses! This was my experience with their writer all about. Not to mention the attitude even after committing this much mistakes! Please stay away this company.

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These guys write everything fast, but the quality is just awful. The essay I bought was copied from Wikipedia. The writer refused to return the money as he said the task he performed. is just a scam.

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Writemypaperhub is not successful to build up trust in their customers because they are not providing the services as claimed. This company is defeating you only for a few pennies. This company never deserves to support it for their fraud.

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The quality of work and service is not reliable and has no guarantee for future clients to get good performance. Stay away from site.

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Writemypaperhub do not have subject matter experts to look after your essay requirements. What I got was a piece of shit written by an inexperienced freelance writer!

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