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A good platform must always give written work with utmost quality, also testimonies need to be uploaded on a recent basis, but the case is very different with writology, as their services are not top quality and they fail to deliver in numerous aspects. Also, I conducted a personal review and I have discovered that this platform is much below par.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

Writology claims to offer various writing services but as a matter of fact this is not true at all. No student should use this platform because you are at risk of producing low-quality output and at risk of high plagiarism also. So you should be very careful when selecting a company for review so you don't fall into a scam.

Although they have a vast list of subject fields and modes of writing that you can pick from, they do not actually produce good contents that can be useful to you. There are a lot of grammar errors, and sometimes they post outdated content alongside other dysfunction. Rating: 2/5

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

Writology does not have a specific price, so it is left to the customer and the writer to determine the standard price of the product in question. This is sad because this platform leaves the pricing in the hands of the writer and the customer and abstains from any responsibility whatsoever.

And the prices are very high because the platform doesn't interfere with the pricing of the product.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

Writology does not have a customer care service and this is very risky as you would find it hard to get help if you ever encounter problems.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

This platform is below par and is highly expensive, you are not advised to make use of this platform.

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I do not recommend site for you because of their poor quality and bad behavior. You should avoid these scammed writers.

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You will not find any offer of revision after the order completion. quality is poor, charges are high and they even do not offer any revision. For this, you have to pay extra.

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Writology is very bad. The writer collected sentences from different articles that not related to each other and put them on my paper. When I read my paper, I was very mad. I gave the work 2/100. I asked him/ her to review it and edit it, but he/she was very rude to me. He/she refused. Actually, I paid money for nothing. I wrote my paper by myself again.

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The service quality of company is extremely surprising. They designed it for your future however essentially they're making you fool and wiggling with your career. The styles of recommendation letters don't seem to be likeable and informative.

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Their writers are poorly qualified and lacking professional attributes. Writology don’t respect their customers.

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