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This platform looks a lot like a scam because of its homepage layout as most of the things written do not correlate to the platform’s original objective. They also lack expert writers so you should not expect anything superb.

The Real Proof - Writer Experience And Quality of Products

The quality of services rendered by this platform is far from average, as you can order for just a simple essay and they spend a large amount of time to get it to you.

After the long waiting time, they produce unedited work with a lot of errors in grammar which is simply unacceptable for a serious and professional website. They are notorious for exceeding their deadline.

Now The Money - Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

They have a wide range of prices which depend on level and range of deadline. You can either choose from high school level or Ph.D. level.

However, no one should have to even pay a single dime for the number of services these people render because it is so much lower than the average write-up, and they claim to be a professional company.

What if You Need Help? Can You Find it Easily?

They claim to provide a 24/7 live chat, but they require that you sign in before you can access it. And most times when you can get access to it, you would not find any representative available. It is very disappointing as they make you send a series of emails before you get any response.

Their customer representatives are also very rude and even when you try to explain things to them they do not answer or see reasons with you.

The Good The Bad, The Beautiful, The Ugly

This platform is terrible in a lot of aspects, especially their customer service. You would regret using this platform just because of their customer service alone, alongside their quality. I advise you to check for better platforms.

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The instruction I provided was not following, ignoring my concern when to contact them. I paid $ 155 for my paper, and I have to rewrite it myself. I didn't receive the assignment in a deadline until I asked for, never recommended and not use site at all.

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Zessay say they refund you if you do not like your paper, but this is not true. I had to send the paper for 2 revisions, got a horrible essay both times, and they still said ‘send it for revision’. Students have deadlines, don’t you know?

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Walter is a FRAUD company. Before placing order they said it will be done by native English speaking phd student. But in reality it is done by graduate student from India. The writing are full of crap.

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I used zessay company a few times. Their prices are great, and I cannot really afford anything more than this. If I could, I’d go for another company because the content here isn’t great, but when I have a very short deadline and no time to finish everything, poor quality is sufficient to help me.

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